B-52 Products Now Available
We've joined up with Delphic Designs to make available some special merchandise designed for you B-52 folks. Below are a few pictures of the items they have available and at the bottom of the page is a link to their site for pricing and ordering information. The products will be shipped by them and we are only making you aware of their existance.
The B-52 "BUFF" Stratofortress has been reproduced on this durable 6.5oz. Gildan Ultra Cotton Polo. The design included crew compartments, Strategic Air Command emblem, B-52 sayings, profile views, engine, and a refueling image.

Each shirt is stamped all over like an old style woodblock print and then stained. The effect is a subtle yet incredibly detailed depiction of the aircraft arranged over the whole shirt.

Available in green two-tone and blue two-tone, these shirts are sure to be a conversation piece for the serious aircraft collector.


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See and order all their products by clicking here.