Mission Statement

Arc Light - Young Tiger Association



The mission of the Arc Light - Young Tiger Association is to honor, perpetuate, and ensure the historically accurate depiction and recognition of the achievements of the United States Air Force Strategic Air Command (SAC) bomber and tanker operations in the Vietnam War. 


The Arc Light - Young Tiger Association is comprised of former members of SAC units that participated in B-52 Arc Light and KC-135 Young Tiger combat and combat support missions in the Southeast Asia (SEA) area of operations between 1965 and 1973. 


The association’s purpose is to recognize and preserve the memory of all those who served, maintain an active roster of known participants, and hold biannual reunions at differing locations in the United States. These reunions offer members the opportunity to share memories with fellow SAC warriors, memorialize lost comrades, and celebrate past and present strategic Air Force achievements. Reunion attendance is encouraged for members, their families and friends, active duty strategic bomber and tanker personnel and their families and friends, and all others who support the objectives of this association.