Notice to all Arc Lighters

We are pleased to announce that the B-52 Stratofortress Association has graciously invited all Arc Light affiliated members past, present or newly interested to join them in the Barksdale AFB area for their August 2018 Reunion. Some of us already have dual affiliation and have been attending both Arc Light and B-52 Association reunions.

Seeing this as a great opportunity, an informal Arc Light Steering Committee (see below) has been formed, and we want to encourage all Arc Light participants to join us at the Hilton Garden Inn in Shreveport, Louisiana for a social and future planning gathering starting at noon on August 15. We will then join the B-52 Association for their outstanding reunion agenda at this remaining bastion of B-52 activity and strategic bombing advocacy.

In actuality, Barksdale has long been a target location for an Arc Light reunion, and informal discussions have taken place off and on about a possible merger of Arc Light and B-52 Association reunion get-togethers. Looking ahead, an Arc Light “Flight” of the B-52 Association could possibly be formed, thereby maintaining some of our unique identity by hosting an Arc Light luncheon or social at future joint reunions. However, the first objective is to get you to attend the 2018 B-52 Stratofortress Reunion.

Please plan on joining the B-52 Association (www.stratofortress.org) and adding August 15th to your hotel reservations when you contact the Hilton Garden Inn as shown on the Registration Form.

Arc Light Steering Committee: Tommy Towery—Reunion Coordinator, Johnny Johnson, Russ Stephenson, Al Litzler, Paul Maye, Tom Kincade, John Petelin, Norm Reimer


Attendance at our Arc Light - Young Tigers Association reunions has been in a death-spiral decline over the last couple of reunions. We have gone from several hundred in the past to about 200 attendants in 2012 and down to less than 100 in 2017. This is attributed to a combination of not only the aging of our members, but also the continued conflicts with other military reunions during the same time frames. We hope the new Facebook presence will add to our declining membership roll.

Rather than disband totally, we came up with an alternate solution at our reunion in Omaha last year. The membership voted to look into merging our get-togethers with those of the B-52 Association and combine forces to give us all the ability to take advantage of the benefits of having an increased number of attendees for each group. 

Besides the increase in the health and travel problems of our aging membership, the cost of attending multiple reunions poses a financial obstacle for some on fixed incomes. By combining our reunions we can eliminate some of those problems, insure a better chance of getting reasonable prices on rooms and food, and insure better a larger audience for guest speakers and group tours and perhaps cut transportation costs.

A strong part of the suggested solution was to plan for that the Arc Light - Young Tiger Association members arrive at the B-52 Association's Rendezvous one day early to enjoy our own private Hospitality Suite get-together for socializing and memory sharing.

These plans are scheduled to launch this August.

The B-52 Stratofortress Association has scheduled their 2018 Rendezvous (Reunion) to be held at Bossier City/Barksdale AFB, LA from August 16-19, 2018. 

This means the Arc Light - Young Tiger Association members should plan to arrive on August 15th for our own private get-together. The agenda will be simple - show up and visit with your old crew and friends. Their special reunion room prices will be available for us on that date as well.

The hotel selected is the Bossier City Hilton Garden Inn; 2015 Old Minden Rd, Bossier City, LA 71111. Phone (318) 759-1950. 

There will be time for T.I.N.S. ("This is No S.....!") and some sightseeing, a visit to the air base, and a great banquet speaker.

The AL-YT dues have always been a voluntary, but necessary, contribution by the members. Those who wish to continue supporting our group with your $20 (or more) donation can send the money to Johnny Johnson, 1412 Child Road East, Bellevue, NE 68005. These dues will help us continue to communicate with members and support our web sites and provide supplies for our Hospitality Room. Many of our members are already B-52 Association members anyway. For the tanker Young Tigers, these membership dues can be paid in lieu of the volunteer dues for the Arc Light - Young Tiger Association if that makes you feel better.

However; to attend this reunion, it will be mandatory for you to join the B-52 Association ($20 Annual membership dues) using the information provided below. 

Go to: http://stratofortress.org/become-a-member.htm#.WqsdeejwZaQ or for more information or email Jim Bradley, Membership Chairman at membership@stratofortress.org

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