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This is a wiki for information about Arc, software that uses Arc, libraries written for Arc, languages inspired by Arc, and resources for powerful and concise programming.

Email Kartik Agaram at arclanguagewiki@akkartik.com to get write access to this wiki; read access is granted by default.

Original research is encouraged.  :-)  We have plenty of space in the wiki, so we don't need to go around deleting stuff because you haven't proved that it's notable.  Of course, being a wiki, if you'd prefer not to have your contribution edited by other people, post it in your own blog and include a link to it from here.

Wiki Pages Revision History

If you're signed in as a user with write access, you'll see the buttons buttons "Create Page", "Edit Page", and "More actions", and under "More actions" is "Revision History".

There's also a "Revision History" link in the page footer at the bottom of every page which is visible to all users, whether signed in or not.

Practice Editing in the Wiki
You can use the sandbox to practice using the Google Sites editor.

Formatting Code

To insert code examples like this:

arc> (+ 3 4)

select the code to highlight it, click on "Format" in the menu, and select "Blockquote code".  You may then need to click on the "I" (italic) button to turn off italic.

You can also enter inline code by selecting the text and clicking on "Format" / "Code".

Github Gists

To insert a github gist like this:

A gist from GitHub

  1. Create or find a gist on github.  From the URL, note its number: https://gist.github.com/846856
  2. Edit a page in this Wiki.  Click on "Insert" in the menu, and select "More gadgets..." at the bottom.  Choose "Add Gadget by URL" in the left sidebar.  Enter http://gadgets.derquinse.net/gist-github/gist-github-gadget.xml for the URL.
  3. Enter the Gist # (846856 in my example).  Choose whether you want to give the gist a title header or not, and if you do, what you want the title to be.
  4. If you'd like the embedded gist to be indented (as is shown here), click on the left border of the gist.  You should get get a giant cursor blinking at the height of the gist.  (If you have trouble getting the giant cursor, click above the gist, and use the arrow keys to move down).  Then you can click on the Increase Indent button in the toolbar.  

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