Public library, Oslo, Norway
*together with Chiara Geroldi and Sara Lazzarin

The municipality of oslo asks for a new public library.

The complexity of the project is high and a detailed program was carried out to match the needs and activities running in a complex building as a library.

The result is a complex of 4 different buildings connected by bridges. the control of the light in a library and at the latitude of oslo is the biggest issue. thus,
a second and independent structure covers and protects the four buildings with a system of moveable brise-soleil.
From the architectural point of view the building was influenced by the image of the close harbour characterised by huge boats and containers.
For the section, transatlantics were taken as main reference.

*together with Chiara Geroldi e Elena Oggioni

FEEDMI is a project of cultural planning related with expo 2015 about open market in Milan.
a deep analysis about coexisting of open markets inside the municipality of milan was carried out and presented in
different ways using multimedia and drawings and schemes.

A valorisation of the open markets and educational programs about food and sustainability were presented.

Museum Park, Energy Park
*together with Chiara Geroldi and Francesca Vargiu

In march 2007 the twenty-seven european nations drew up a binding agreement that set ambitious but realistic aims about the energy issue, that have to be satisfied within 2020.

Among the more important there are:
* growing of the energy amount produced by renewable resources
* growing of the energy efficiency
* encouraging to use of sustainable oil for the public transport

The achievement of these aims will depend not only on the management and political strategies but also on the local efforts and on the contributions of every well-informed 

The project about a park of sustainable energies and museum in milan can be read as a local action of the european programme about the renewable resources, which concern
both investigation and energy production. T
hus, on urban scale, the project aims to manage the strategic matters and energy production, but also to spread a shared collective
value-the energetic awareness.

The project developed a progressive process of “energy awareness”: walking from the city to the park, passing trough the open air exhibition, visiting the museum and laying on the
grass, visitors will discover and learn about renewable resources.

Density and Density, Strijp R, Philips old factories, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
*together with Daan De Kok and Pedro Do'O

The design investigated the a new way of living of residential area. Building volumes are densifyed on
the southern side creating a park north.

Park is public but private at the same time, cultivated and used by the owner of the hosing south.
Extreme and new typology of housing have been studied.

Multipurpose building, Madrid
*together with Chiara Geroldi

Project's aim was to solve the problem of the border, in the city off Madrid, in the area of Manzanarre. 

Features of this area are:
Regular and static grid and orgsnization of the city;
the fluid and dynamic shape of the river and of the highway M30, which is now placed underground.

The concept of the design wants to solve this contrast using rigid grids and shapes for the built part of the area and and a more organic organization for the open spaces.
The area is 3 km long, bordering the river, The idea is to provide a "promenade architectural" that, starting from the rigid form of the south part of the site, gives the public the impression of a dynamic evolution of architecture in nature, culminating with the "Stadium Calderon" a mix between architecture and landscape.


HomeHousehHousing is the project of a residential area in pagano neighbourhood, milan.

The triangular shaped site is strictly related with the “pallavicino park” on the north side and the high density built residential area
in the south one. this area is nowadays a hole between the park and the city and it is used as a parking place.

The project aim to create a connection between the residential area in the south of the site and the park, in the north side in different ways.

First of hall, the shape of the plan react to the forces occurring in this area. Two main roads are the limit of the site. along these streets,
two building are designed. the shapes and the high of these building change to create different spaces and to accommodate different functions.

On the external side of the buildings there are the public squares, one in the north and one in the east side.
On the other hand, on the internal side, the buildings enclose a semi-private green area strictly related with the park.

Moreover, garden roofs are provided to make the realtion with the park more strong. these garden roofs are public too. the idea is that this site
should be the natural continuaton of the park into the city. other way around, this is also the place where city can merge with the natural area of the park.

In addiction, facedes change according to the site and the area they have in front.
Shops and leasure activiteis are located on gorund floor with a strict relation with the public square they have in front

The buildings can offer 12 different typology of apartment, to meet the needs of singles, couples and families. the major part of these apartment are duplex.
All the apartment are looking both side: the day area of the apartment is located on the garden side; bedrooms and facilities are on the city side.