Teardown Guide for A5 60Gb

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Made by Spz0

I had to take apart my unit because my headphone jack was malfunctioning.  I took limited pictures, so I've filled in the rest with stock photos.
As always, I take no responsibility for any damage you may cause your device while tearing it down.  Do this at your own risk.  There is always a possibility of bricking your device!!

You’ll need:
-    A precision screwdriver set (Philips / Standard)
-    A sewing machine needle (pointed on one end, fat and blunt on the other for grip)
-    Patience

First thing to do is to remove the 3 rubber pads to expose the screws.
The 4th screw is underneath the kickstand of the unit.
Once these are off, you can remove the screws.

Please note that only the right side (side with the headphone jack) is removable.  The other side is connected to the back plate.
The right side should come off easily to expose the wifi antenna and part of the headphone jack.

Next is to pry the device open.  There are 3 pin holes on the top side of the unit, and the bottom side (not to be confused with the reset button [highlighted in green]).  Pushing these in will release the clips that are holding the unit together.  The actual clips are attached to the bottom plate and the latches are on the top plate.  Note this..

Do one side at a time!  Use your sewing needle to push down on the holes until you hear a click sound (you may have to jostle the needle around a bit).
I found it easiest to start with the center clip, it made it much easier to release the outside clips.
Once you have one side finished, use a flathead precision screwdriver to wedge in between the top and bottom plates and gently pry the one side open to about 1-2mm ONLY!!  Any more and you won’t be able to release the clips on the opposite side.
Now repeat on the opposite side.

Once the clips are popped, use your flat head screwdriver to [b]gently[/b] pry the remaining side open.
Now carefully shimmy the top plate away from the bottom plate making sure to do this with the screen facing up!!
Once the plates are free of each other you can now ‘open the lid’.
**note: its best to open the case with the power/volume buttons facing you. Open it up like you would a laptop, making sure the top plate is free from the clips on the bottom plate.

Find something to rest the top screen plate on so it can sit back vertically.

Now you can remove the screen and the hard drive.

I highlighted both connectors in green.
As you can see, there is tape that needs to be removed carefully to access the connector ribbons.

Please note, that I did not fully remove the screen, hard drive or mainboard, as the only part I needed to access was the headphone jack.

For my final step on the mainboard, I just needed to be able to lift it 1/4" to access the backside of the headphone jack.  I did this by releasing the 2 clips on either side of the mainboard, closest to the headphone jack side of the unit.

To the left of the headphone jack: (sorry for the crappy pics.)

And to the right.

Gently pry these clips back from the main board.  The board will come free on that side.
Please note that I am not sure if there are more clips on the other side of the main board, this is as far as I delved into the unit.

Hope this helps.  And if anyone can add further to this (removing the mainboard, battery exposure, etc...) please do so.  :)