Multi Boot (The Easy Way)

**Please read our disclaimer before continuing**

***  Please be advised that this installation of multiboot leaves your kernel unlocked, and thus susceptible to bricking your device if you are not careful (eg:  packing a boot logo file into an .aos update file that is too large.).  Please refer to THIS TUTORIAL for instructions on how to install the multi boot that locks your kernel.


You need to be running any of the patched (jailbroken) firmware in order to use this guide.


STEP 1: Things needed

STEP 2: Installing SDE and the Multi Boot menu
  • Unzip the archive(.zip)
  • Rename it to "firmware_archos5-7.aos"
  • Copy this firmware file to the root of the Archos. (DATA/MEDIA Partition, the larger partition where you would usually keep your video/music/pictures)
  • Click "Safely Remove Hardware" (if you are running WIndows OS) and unplug your unit from the PC
  • Now the Archos will recognize the update and ask you if you want to install the firmware
  • Say YES
  • Connect the unit to power (USB/Dock)
  • Wait.....
  • Once the update has been done it will ask you to reboot, say YES
  • And there you have it guys/gals :)


**Credits to CheBuzz and the OPENAOS team for making this possible
****I have copied most of the stuff from OPEN AOS website. I have used some steps from CheBuzz's post from the ArchosFans Forum. Please refer to the ArchosFans Forum if you have difficulty understanding this.

There is an other way to install it for Advanced users. Advanced Multiboot Installation