Painting Aluminum Shutters. Canon Rebel Xti Shutter Speed

Painting Aluminum Shutters

painting aluminum shutters
  • creating a picture with paints; "he studied painting and sculpture for many years"
  • The process or art of using paint, in a picture, as a protective coating, or as decoration
  • graphic art consisting of an artistic composition made by applying paints to a surface; "a small painting by Picasso"; "he bought the painting as an investment"; "his pictures hang in the Louvre"
  • the act of applying paint to a surface; "you can finish the job of painting faster with a roller than with a brush"
  • A painted picture
  • The chemical element of atomic number 13, a light silvery-gray metal
  • a silvery ductile metallic element found primarily in bauxite
  • Aluminium ( ) or aluminum ( ) is a silvery white member of the boron group of chemical elements. It has the symbol Al and its atomic number is 13. It is not soluble in water under normal circumstances.
  • Aluminum was the second album from NYC band Gods Child, littered with damaged guitars, distressed mellotron, and raw vocals. Produced by Tim Palmer (who has worked with such acts as Pearl Jam, Sponge, and Mission UK) the album features a spaced-out aura, solid musicianship and soaring sonics.
  • Close the shutters of (a window or building)
  • (shutter) a mechanical device on a camera that opens and closes to control the time of a photographic exposure
  • (shutter) a hinged blind for a window
  • Close (a business)
  • (shutter) close with shutters; "We shuttered the window to keep the house cool"

The Soul-Shard
The Soul-Shard
THE SOUL-SHARD: Pinhole Polaroid camera w/slide shutter, tripod mount, and spirit level. 10" x 6" x 4". Insides painted matte black, all seams caulked or filled with black felt. ~62 degree angle of view Govt. OEM polaroid packfilm back (I believe it's one of the CB-100 series backs, but I don't have a way of knowing for certain). Currently using a .017 inch pinhole punched in soda-can aluminum with a guitar string.
April 19, 2010
April 19, 2010
Canon EOS 50D Taken: April 19, 2010, 7:36:34PM Aperture: F/1.8 Shutter Speed: 1/320 sec Focal Length: 50mm ISO: 100 Lens: 50mm/1.8 +4 Dioptic Filter +3 Dioptic Filter Edited in Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 dailyshoot #ds155 It's metal Monday! Find a metallic subject today and make an interesting photo.

painting aluminum shutters
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