Let the bodies hit the floor system of a down - Floor bamboo.

Let The Bodies Hit The Floor System Of A Down

let the bodies hit the floor system of a down
    floor system
  • the complete framework of floor beams and stringers or other members supporting the bridge floor and traffic loading, including impact
  • That portion of a structure immediately above the foundation that consists of the structural material from which the floor system is made.
    hit the
  • A handicap which allows one driver to leave first in an illegal street race. No flagger is utilized rather the race begins once the driver leaves the starting line and ends at a predetermined point.
  • (body) invest with or as with a body; give body to
  • A corpse
  • (bodied) having a body or a body of a specified kind; often used in combination; "strong-bodied"; "big-bodied"
  • (bodied) possessing or existing in bodily form; "what seemed corporal melted as breath into the wind"- Shakespeare; "an incarnate spirit"; "`corporate' is an archaic term"
  • The physical structure of a person or an animal, including the bones, flesh, and organs
  • The physical and mortal aspect of a person as opposed to the soul or spirit
let the bodies hit the floor system of a down - Shop Floor
Shop Floor Control - A Systems Perspective
Shop Floor Control - A Systems Perspective
Shop floor control and namely the problem of job shop scheduling have been fields of research for a long time. However, until now no comprehensive framework on the various aspects exists. This book will provide a systems perspective towards shop floor control by stressing its sociotechnical and cybernetical nature. It focuses on the behavioral aspects of control activities and sees the shop floor as the center of value-adding manufacturing activities within an enterprise. The book enables the reader to understand the interaction of organization, information technology and human resources. This eventually allows to achieve holistic and agile solutions and facilitates profound organizational change. The book will therefore provide a welcome addition to several standard textbooks on the issue.

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Beauty and the Brutality - Fight Night 6 (Reinhardt vs Evie Smith)
Beauty and the Brutality - Fight Night 6 (Reinhardt vs Evie Smith)
[19:03] Dmitry Luminos laughs aloud at that. "She's pretty cool. But....risky," he says, using the same language he used last night. "I trust her. I would suggest that you don't." He smirks, then looks down on the platforms, seeking and finding Tal. "Yo - Tal!" he says, speaking up over the sound of the crowd. "Is this first blood, or what?" He readies his notepad and pen. [19:04] Taladis Tower grunts, "I see." He turns back towards Dmitry, "Weapons allowed are only knives. There is no time limit. They've decided there are no submissions. No first blood. No TKO stoppages. They just fight to a knock out." [19:05] Allissa Coswell looks up at Taladis then back at Rein with a smirk as she rolled her shoulders loosing herself up. [19:06] Taladis Tower tapped those dark clawed fingertips on his forearms as he looked down towards Evie, "Woman, are you ready?" He shouted out. [19:06] Niyol Clawtooth: "Kick butt Aunt Evie!" He hollars down to her before the battle, his hands still knuckle white on the railing. He nods to Dmitry's words. "Trusting people is not something I often do, Dmitry, and with her avoiding me at the party and such it doesn't seem all that likely I'll trust her or be around her any longer than it would take to walk the other direction." [19:07] Dmitry Luminos nods and gives Tal a thumbs up sign, writing in his notepad. "By knockout," he says. He addresses Niyol without turning his head to look at the boy. "There will be blood," he says. "Can you handle it?" The words are even a neutral, no emotion or implication behind them. [19:11] Niyol Clawtooth: He would nod slowly to Dmitry. "i will be fine. " He says through clenched teeth as he would begin moving closer to see, as tall people moved in his way. "I'm moving closer. " [19:07] Allissa Coswell looks up to Tal and nods "Ready...kitty man" [19:07] Taladis Tower grunted, "Call me Litterbox if you're going to call me a cat." He looked towards Rein, "Twinkle toes, are you ready?" [19:07] Harlequin Salome: "Don't kill her totally, Rein, I need my damn shades back!" He shouts with hands cupped around his mouth. [19:08] Reinhardt Stenvaag says nothing. His eyes never leave Evie. He just nods. There would be no more noises out of him untill this was done. [19:08] Taladis Tower let his head fall back as he let out a low grumpy sigh, following it up with a loud snarl, "Let's brawl!" [19:09] Allissa Coswell pulls the first of her three Kunai from her tight band and grin at Rein. Her thin fingers twirlling the blade as she calculates her first move in her head. Her stance was neutral at this point except for her legs which looks as if she were ready to move though the dircetion wasn't yet indicated. She remembered the other fighters and how the first move always seems to be the fall of their fight so she stood there instead motioning to Rein with a finger telling him to go first. [19:10] Reinhardt Stenvaag smirked, "Cocky bitch." he whispered. She had caught on to what others missed in how he did these matches. He would play her game, because otherwise, there would be no game would there? He charged, shoulder down but wasn't leaving much for the purpose of stopping, he was attempting to bowl into her with his weight, and hit or miss, would contine on past her position some afterwards. [19:12] Allissa Coswell watched that charge and the freight train of a mech coming towards her. As he got closer she leap up in the air hoping to plant on hand on his back as if to leap frog over him as her other hand would come down with the blade in in and try to slice into the flesh from the top center of his shoulders and hopefully down his back as he kept going. If it didn't happen she'd most likely end up rolling down his back and landing on her knee in the mucky wake. [19:14] Reinhardt Stenvaag would smirk as she went up over him. He followed her with his right arm, the knife in it slashing for her even as her own blade dug into his flesh and tore down his back, splitting wide to reveal the synthetic muscles underneath, blood flowing. The motion of his knife attack launched at her as she lept him forced him to stop and turn even if it was useless in protecting his back from the much speedier woman. [19:17] Allissa Coswell grinned as she drew first blood and even as her blade kept digging into the flesh and the momentum kept her going, she couldn't avoid the right arm swiping that knife at her. She grunted as the blade cut into her forearm causing her to start to bleed but it wasn't deep. Her feet would kick back trying to propel herself forward and farther away. She wasn't a dancer or a gymnist but she was still graceful in her moves so that she wouldn't land face first in the water. In the air she twisted and her feet came down first letti
Trusting in the Flesh
Trusting in the Flesh
Adagio: just smirks a little bit. 'you forget Ayr, we have far older business than you and Temp. Besides, I don't play favoriites uness my wife is injured. Now, when dd the trouble start exactly?" A warmsmile wouuld be given as she motions to teh counter top while getting a few tools out." Ayr Bosatsu nods slightly before he shrugs and unslings it, "It's been dead for months now. More or less, but it got worse when this pack shit started up and I had to start sleeping out in the swamps." Hugging his arm momentarily he'd lift himself up onto the counter. "It's been becoming more and more unresponsive to commands. But the ..whatever it was way out yonder," he thumbed, "Just aggrivated a bad sitch." Adagio: nods gently giving a heavy sight looking the man over after getting the tools ready. "Alright, let's get your shirt off then you're going to see something quite cool actually." Ayr Bosatsu looks up at her sceptically but nonetheless slides off his shirt, dropping buckle and belts to the floor - and his thick armoured vest with a clunk. "Weight training," he'd nod to it when it hit the deck. "As long as it isn't some medieval torture device then I'm okay with seeing it." Adagio: nods gently just smirking heraing the loud clatter of his stuff collide with teh flooring. "Alright, now for the cool stuff. You know how your arm looks seamless? watch this." a bright smile would come to teh slender woman's fetures as she gets to work prodding different points on the arm before finally tapping the shoulder. After that a loud click would sound and teh arm would slowly blossom open, like if teh skin had been fractured in a hundred places and panels, revealing the interiors. A self satisfied smirk would come to her face after it fully opens. Ayr Bosatsu just watches it, his mouth twisting unhappily. "Such Heresy," came his voice quietly. "I still don't know why you deal in such dark magics," his mouth twisted further - brow creasing. Obviously he didn't mean -the- magics but rather something so advanced that to some it ought seem as such. "It looks monstrous," keeping his eyes on it as sludge, grime, dirt and every other thing offered by swamp and ruins started to seep out he'd turn away with a distasteful grunt. "It's like watching those videos of people who smoked. You know when they turn their lungs inside ou--hunnghh." Feeling his gut bubble he'd look away to Adagios smirk. Better that than the devils work Adagio: sighs heavily just heraing the sludge draining from teh arm. "Ok that's not right. Seems the seals from straylight didn't hold. That should all be bright metal, and I'm sorry you don't like this Ayr, but i respect your opinions on the matter. I've seen them all." A polite and reassuring smile would come to her face as she begins cleaning the arm rather quickly prepared to be a diagnostic on the ectrochemical circuitry at the hardpoint. "Likely issue here is interrface issues with the arm and your nervous system. Likely i'd have to give you more cybernetics ties directly into your brain to control the arm. Hopefully it isn't that severe, what is likely causing this in your case, is simply put taking your age into account, accumulate dpollutants." Ayr Bosatsu looks down at the arm again, grimacing moreso. "I think the problem is that my mind refuses to accept this piece of metal as a part of me. So it's shutting down whatever the hell is going on here. Kinda like th' body rejecting a piece o'flesh it dont like the look of. Then again I ain't got no PhD in techy stuff so who knows." Leaning down with his good hand he'd go to press against the arm. "Tha only good thing 'bout this is that i can...remind my self what it's like to fail." Looking down at his feet sourly he'd let Adagio work at the thing. After a lil bit of a pause he'd chirp up again beneath his talking breath, "..Mh. Thanks." Adagio: nods gently looking to Ayr as she sits back checking teh circuitry and machinery after cleaning and replacing the seals. "Alright, now you shouldn't get any mor crap inside of there after I seal it back up. But What you're describing is textbook subconcious rejection. You'll have to train your mind into accepting the implant as a part of you. Like it or not you need the arm tobe fully mobile. You need to teach yourself that. Mechanically your arm is good, you just have to believe in yourself, as cliched as that is." Ayr Bosatsu tensed his jaw, looking down at it again. In his mind it was always a 'thing' - some distant piece of him, and it showed in how he seemingly pulled the arm away whenever it fell closer to him. "Flesh is meant to be stronger than this. I don't get how it can't be. You died, didn't you? How can you live in a body that you know let you down. Then, how can you put your faith in some other thing

let the bodies hit the floor system of a down
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