Colored Floor Tape

colored floor tape
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colored floor tape - 3M 471
3M 471 Vinyl Tape 2-Inch-by-36-Yard, White
3M 471 Vinyl Tape 2-Inch-by-36-Yard, White
Uniquely constructed, vinyl backed tape for outstanding paint line definition. The most flexible and conformable, it provides masking protection for complex curved lines, sharp curves, irregularly shaped panels, over rivets and into seams.

The 3M 2-inch-by-36-yard white vinyl tape is designed for paint masking, wrapping or sealing many curved or irregular surfaces. It offers an easy way to color code and mark a variety of locations, including: aisles, lanes, hazard areas, tools, and equipment. This vinyl tape is highly conformable and resists scrapes, wear, and chemicals. The specially formulated rubber adhesive system is ideal for applications requiring clean removal. The tape measures 2-inches-by-36-yards (WxL) and weighs 12.8 ounces.

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DIY Floor Markers
DIY Floor Markers
These floor markers are really useful for both stills and video work. They are also dead easy to make. Just use different colour electrical tape to put crosses on both sides of spare clear discs from of a spindle of CDs or DVDs. Drop them on the floor where you want people to stand. Duff CDs work too but the clear ones are better as all you see is the cross. These cost pence and work really well as well as surviving being trodden on. If you only want a couple of discs, use different colours on opposite sides. Also have a variation of light and dark colours on each side for use on light and dark floors.
When to Use Yellow Floor Marking Tape
When to Use Yellow Floor Marking Tape
Brady's visual workplace experts recommend using yellow floor marking tape to mark aisles and work areas. Visual workplace uses visual cues to guide employee behavior; yellow is a color that can imply caution, much like with traffic signals, so by using yellow floor tape, employees pay attention to the distinction between aisles and traffic areas.

colored floor tape
colored floor tape
Mighty Line 2ROBCTR Floor Tape With Blue Center 2-Inch by 100-Feet, Orange
Our high-strength, double-coated tape features a removable pressure sensitive rubber-based adhesive. It delivers immediate quick stick, yet allows for removal without leaving residue. 1/2-inch wide center line. High contrast color patterns to make an area stand out. Easy peel and stick installation. Very durable, co-extruded center line is part of the tape so it won't scratch off. Tape is long-lasting. Customers have reported Mighty Line tape installed in their facility lasting over three years! Given the right care and proper installation, Mighty Line tape can last a long, long time. 2-inch by 100-feet, orange with blue center.

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