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Jennings Bros. Stone Ground Grains

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Contact me directly if you're interested in the WHOLE grain, we sell 5 pound bags of the following grains

  • Spelt berries
  • Hard red spring wheat berries 


                          AS OF AUG. 2008 WE ARE CERTIFIED ORGANIC
______ Organic Buckwheat Flour

 ______ Organic Spelt Flour

 ______ Organic Hard Red Spring Wheat Flour

 ______ Multi-Grain Organic Flour (1/4 buckwheat,the rest 1/2 spelt & 1/2 hard red spring wheat)

 ______ Organic Hopi Blue Corn Meal

 ______ Organic Bloody Butcher Corn Meal                                                             _______Organic Truckers Favorite Corn Meal (white)                                                          ______  Organic Reid's Yellow Dent Corn Meal                                                                          _____    Organic American Corn Meal a mixture of hb,bb,tf,and ryd

 ______(new) Mi.(pastry)Organic Wheat Flour  A great replacement for white flour