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Health Testimonials

The following are stories from real people who have seen heath benefits since adding our products to their diets.  We understand that each person's health issues have unique treatment options and DO NOT CLAIM that our grains have medicinal purposes, just that they are a healthful addition to any person's diet.  Check out information about the grains that we use at the World's Healthiest Foods website.


Brandy has suffered from MS and had been blind in one eye for two and a half years.  Her dad told her in late February 2007 to try adding whole grain flours to her diet and she began making buckwheat pancakes and whole grain breads soon afterwards.  By April, she begain to regain sight and by June had 100% vision returned to her eye.  In addition to these benefits, she also lost 20 pounds!


Larry is 53 years old and was born with a genetic liver problem that required a transplant operation in 2006.  After his new liver, his blood pressure and blood sugar were too high for his medication to control, so he started to eat buckwheat pancakes every morning in January of 2007.  Both his blood pressure and sugar went back to normal until he ran out of buckwheat!!  As soon as he was able to add buckwheat back to his diet, both issues went back to normal. 


Archie had struggled with arthritis (knee, knots on his thumb and wrist) and had to take over-the-counter pain medication just to sleep at night.  In March 2007 he started eating two buckwheat cakes for breakfast every morning and noticed that those same pains that were keeping him up at night were gone when he was out planting corn on the farm in the spring.  He also lost 20 pounds in the interim!!


 Another family member went to the doctor (D.O.) for a physical and found out that she had high blood pressure and blood sugar.  The doctor told her to use cinnamon capsules and start eating whole grains, so she followed order and started eating buckwheat cakes in the mornings.  Seven weeks later, she was ten pounds lighter and had normal blood pressure and sugar!