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Cause real changes, become a member of THE EUROPEAN GREENS (TEG) and join forces at European level through the first real European movementwherever you live in Europe.

The European Greens is the first real European movement represented by different countries. No matter in which 28 European Union (EU) member states you are located, you can support the party in their goals for a democratic, healthy and honest society Europe for all European inhabitants by signing in: As a member (€ 50.00 per year) / as a member with a minimum income, € 20.00 per year, 

If you want real chanche and TE EUROPEAN GREEN (TEG) views represents your views in politics the best, become a member and join forces at European level. 

Transfer the required amount to:

IBAN:                             NL24 TRIO 0198 5280 51
Attn:                              The European Greens in Utrecht (Netherlands)
BIC:                               TRIONL2U

SEPA direct debit to depreciation dues

Name of creditor:              National Secretariat De Groenen
Address:                          Postbox 1251
Postal code and city:        3500 BG UTRECHT
Country:                          The Netherlands
Payee ID:                        NL57ZZZ404122640000

By submitting this form you agree that The Greens give an annually instruction to your bank in order to debit your contribution and that your bank carries out this instruction. Every year, at least one week before depreciation we will send you a reminder

If you do not agree with a charge, you can get your contribution back.
Simply take within eight weeks of depreciation contact your bank.