The End is Past.

The world’s last champion has failed. The prayers of many nations have all fallen on deaf ears. We are alone.

The monster under the bed is out in the open. The thing that goes bump in the night walks in bright day. The worst nightmares of mankind and our greatest dreams have both turned on us.

All that is left is Archetype.

Its betrayal of humanity is our new beginning.

Everything that destroyed us will now be taken to make us whole. Everything we fear will be our new courage.

Humanity will become the monsters that we always were on the inside.

What is Archetype?

1. A fantasy world with a modern approach to magic, detailing humanity at its last stand.
2. Original art, story, and system. Multiple customizable elements with easy to run rules allow a unique approach and depth to tailor the world to different styles of play.
3. Entirely customizable character creation in every step of the process. Abilities and skills can be specialized to your character’s strengths, while supernatural enhancements allow you to gain and use power in unique ways.
4. Paths to follow to guide easy character design but not limit or dead end any build. Make the character how you want it.
5. Deep origins to magic and power to give it a unique feel and background, but designed not to tell you how to play.
6. Options for a multitude of combat styles, from archery, brawling, martial, melee, thrown, and mystical that are balanced and available as options for every different character type.
7. Pros and cons for varying defense types, from full plate to magical protection, that are options for the most combat oriented fighter, to the social or mental characters.
8. A balanced combat and creation system for monsters and enemies that uses the same rules as the players do.
Archetype is:
1. Unique and original, but quick to learn and relate to
2. Customizable, but not confusing
3. Accurate rules, but not bogged down in details that keep you away from play
4. Options, but not dead ends
Archetype by James Terbrack,
Art by Geoff Trebs,
Contact us at archetype_rpg@yahoo.com or on Facebook

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