How to get involved, a list of organizations

 If you are a woman in any Science or Engineering field, below are some links that may be of some interest to you.

How to get involved:


  • ACM-W: ACM's committee on Women in Computing
  • CCPE: Canadian Council of Professional Engineers
  • AWC: Association for Women in Computing 
  • Girl Geeks: The source for women in computing
  • CRAW: Committee on the status of Women in Computer Research
  • SWE: Society of Women Engineers
  • IEEE Canada: Official Site of IEEE Women in Engineering in Canada
  • CEMF: Canadian Engineering Memorial Foundation
  • INWES: International Network of Women Engineers and Scientists
  • CWSE: Chair for Women in Science and Engineering 
  • WISE: Women into Science, Engineering and Construction
  • CCWEST: Canadian Coalition of Women in Engineering, Science, Trades and Technology
  • IWIS: Immigrating Women in Science Project
  • WIGSAT: Women in Global Science and Technology
  • SCIber Mentor: Women in Engineering, offers e-mail mentorships 
  • Girls are I.T. : Girl Scouts I.T. information sitein North Carolina
  • CWIT : Center for Women and Information Technology
  • WIT : Women in Information Technology, also has Girls section

Specific Chapters:

  • AWSN: Alberta Women's Science Network
  • WISEST: University of Alberta: Women in Scholarship, Engineering, Science and Technology
  • FoWCS: University of British Columbia: Focus on Women in Computing
  • WISE: University of Calgary; Women in Science and Engineering Club
  • WICSE : University of California; Women in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
  • SCWIST : Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology
  • WIC : Indiana University; Women in Computing
  • AP WISE: University of Manitoba; Access Program for WISE
  • NSERC Chair WISE : The NSERC/Cameco Chair of Women in Science and Engineering at the Prairies.
  • UK SET: UK Resource Centre for Women in Science, Engineering and Technology
  • UVic WISE: University of Victoria WISE group
  • WIE: University of Waterloo; Women in Engineering

Other Sites:

  • Women in Computers: History of women in computers
  • NASA Women of NASA
  • GREAT : Gender Relation in Education Applications of Technology
  • AAUW : American Association of University Women
  • TRMP : The Role Model Project: Computer Science
  • Partnership Platform : Helps non-profit organizations with technology by partnerships with IT corporations, volunteers, public institutions, or other non profits.
  • Projects: Projects relation to Women and Computer Science
  • Cyber Playground : Changing girl's attitudes towards computers in the classroom


  • Waterloo Workshop: Booting up girls interest in Computer Science 
  • TCHE :  Wanted: Female Computer Science Students