Career Opportunities

                                            Job's in IT/Computer Science and how women fit in 


Below is a list of career's available in IT, computer science, etc. This is of course a list of jobs available to both women and men, but it also gives some insight to what working in IT embodies. This is not a complete list by any means, because there are so many specialized careers in computers, that these jobs just scratch the surface.


CAD-CAM Technicians
Communication Managers - Military
Communications Specialists
Computer Analyst
Computer and Office Machine Repairers
Computer Engineer
Computer Graphic Specialists
Computer Hardware Engineer
Computer Managers
Computer Programmer
Computer Scientists - BLS
Computer Security Professional
Computer Service Technician
Computer Software Engineer
Computer Specialist - Robotics
Computer Support Specialist
Computer Systems Engineer
Computer Systems Manager
Computer Systems Specialist - Military
Computing Services Manager
Cryptanalyst Database Developer
Data Processing Equipment Repairers
Electrical and Electronic Engineers
Hardware Engineers
Help Desk Representative
Information Scientists
Information Technology Specialist
Intelligence Specialist - Military
Internet Professional
Internet System Administrator
IT Security Specialist
IT Testers
Network Systems Analyst
Robotics Engineer
Robotics Technician
Software Developer
Software Engineer
Software Programmer
Software Tester
Systems Analyst
Unmanned Vehicle Operations Specialist
Web Developer