Civil society organization ARCHEOFACT 
Department of Archaeology, Constantine the Philosopher University 
Nitra Slovakia  

announces the organization of the international project in the field of research and 

Archaeology Summer Field School 2018 in Zvolen (Slovakia)


Focus area/objective: Education and Capacity Building,Strengthened cooperation among educational institutions


Project participants will learn skills and archaeological field techniques that will prepare them for careers in archaeology, museums, public outreach, and historic preservation. They will learn how to conduct a surface archaeological survey, how to locate and map archaeological sites, how to identify and document artefacts, how to document archaeological sites and excavate archaeological deposits, how to record soils and cultural strata, and other skills. The aim is to increase awareness and competencies about archaeological and methodological issues through an intensive program of lectures, laboratory experiences and field activities. This project focuses in studying and understanding past cultural heritage and offers its participants a diachronic (multiperiod) approach to the study of archaeology under professional and international leadership. The school gives the opportunity to work in two different excavations (Deserted Castle Zvolen and Peťuša Castle) and practice different archaeological research methods.


Target groups:

1. Students of archaeology, history, art history, museology, antropology from all V4 countries

2. Tourists and active citizens

3. Professional archaeologists, field experts, historians, lecturers


Project phases:

16/07/2018–27/07/2018 Field school 1 (fieldwork; excavation and find processing; lectures)

30/07/2018–10/08/2018 Field school 2 (fieldwork; excavation and find processing; lectures)

13/08/2018–24/08/2018 Lab work 1 (find processing, photodocumentation, finds conservation)

03/09/2018–15/09/2018 Lab work 2 (Additional work in the laboratory by find processing, find drawing; research report preparation)

The project has been approved by International Visegrad Fund!!!

Noémi Beljak Pažinová

Main organizer:
Civil society organization ARCHEOFACT

Main partner and field research guarrantee:

Univerzita Konštantína Folozofa v Nitre

Supported by: