Civil society organization ARCHEOFACT 
Department of Archaeology, Constantine the Philosopher University Nitra Slovakia 

announces the organization of the international project in the field of research and education:

School of Archaeology in Zvolen (Slovakia) 2017

Places of realisation:
Ø National cultural monument Deserted castle in Zvolen (medieval castle and prehistoric hill-fort)
Ø medieval castle Peťuša in Ostrá Lúka (near Zvolen)

17. 07. - 4.8. 2017

Free board, accommodation and promotional material for all participants guaranteed!

We look forward to seeing you at the Deserted castle in Zvolen and Peťuša castle.

Recommended fieldwork clothes and items:
1. Pants: Work pants, light nylon or khakis are best. Jeans or Carhartts are heavy and are hard to dry.
2. Shirts: bring work shirts.
3. A warm jacket for nighttime: mid-weight down or thick fleece.
4. Raingear: a good breathable shell.
5. Hat: a sun hat will be needed.
6. Gloves: only if you prefer your own gloves. We should have enough gloves for the field crew.
7. Backpack: you'll want a good sized day pack for most of our activities.
8. Boots - light strong footwear.
9. Sun screen.
10. Sunglasses: essential!
11. Insect repellent.

Project description:
The archaeology summer (field) school was launched in 2010 with great success. Its objective is to enhance participants’ research capabilities. The project is ideally suited for students, particularly from the fields of archaeology, classical archaeology, history and art history. These students seek to challenge both body and mind in the pursuit of knowledge. They wish to enhance their academic careers and at the same time, hope to gain life experience that furthers their education in ways unavailable on most university campuses. We embrace these distinctive learners.
The aim of the project is to increase awareness and competencies about archaeological and methodological issues through an intensive program of lectures, laboratory experiences and field activities. This
program is a new approach in studying and understanding past cultural heritage and offers its participants a diachronic(multiperiod) approach to the study of archaeology under professional and international leadership.
The school gives the opportunity to work in two different excavations (Deserted Castle Zvolen and Peťuša Castle) and practise different archaeological research methods.
Furthermore, the program includes an international conference in Zvolen in September where archaeological research results from excavated sites will be presented to provide participants with an essential overview.

Target groups and groups benefiting from the project:
The project targets all groups and persons interested in archaeology, history and heritage presentation. The most important target groups are: students of archaeology, history and museology from all V4 countries, tourists and active citizens, interested public, population of town of Zvolen, professional archaeologists, users from diverse branches (conservationist, artist, educational material designers, researchers and knowledge users, ... ). Last but not least, the project participants themselves are an essential target group of the project.

Noémi Beljak Pažinová

Main organizer:
Civil society organization ARCHEOFACT

Main partner and field research guarrantee:

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