The Nutshell

This is Yiran Hu. Greetings to those who might be interested in my website or just accidentally stop by and see what's going on here.
Well... Nothing's going on yet! But hopefully I will gradually put more and more stuff in it. As I am a physics graduate student, I would expect that some physics thoughts and reviews will be presented. Other than that, I would probably put some programming related stuff. Movie, TV show, anime and music reviews will certainly show up once or so (most probably in Chinese though). And, I promise I won't write too much on my personal stuff here so that you don't lose your interest. Oh! I will build up a photo gallery perhaps, depending on whether I have enough time to travel recently. Well, You know, I'm a graduate student and I'm not suppose to have enough time.
Thanks for coming! And hope to see you again!

Physics 2212 People,

Hi, I am now using this site of mine to post articles that might be helpful to you. You can find them by clicking the Teaching tab in the navigator. I will put a remark after every lab we have, talking about the concepts and giving comments regarding that lab. Occasionally articles on topics concerning your physics study will be posted also.

I hope you find these things interesting.
Yiran Hu