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  • A window blind is a type of window covering which is made with slats of fabric, wood, plastic or metal that adjust by rotating from an open position to a closed position by allowing slats to overlap. A roller blind does not have slats but comprises a single piece of material.
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window blinds software - Tournament Poker:
Tournament Poker: No Limit Texas Hold'em
Tournament Poker: No Limit Texas Hold'em
DD Tournament Poker: No Limit Texas Holdem - Play the game that determines the champion of the poker world! Whether you are already a seasoned tournament player or just a beginner, DD Tournament Poker is for you. Features: + Cheat Mode - Sneak a peek at anyone's cards, show folded hands, see the winning hand and never go broke. + Chances Are - See the odds of winning the hand, pots odds and odds of making that straight or flush before you bet. + Tournament Play - Can you make it to the final table? Choose a standard tournament or create your own with up to 5,000 players. Define levels, blinds, buy-ins, add-ons, rebuys, and prize payouts. + Host Your Own Poker Night Tournament - Computer counts down time, calculates prize payouts and tells you when to raise the blinds or end re-buys. You have complete control over all the details. + Count Your Profits - Automatically tracks your tournament wins, placements and cash prizes. + Realistic Tournaments - All the realism of an actual tournament: levels, blinds, color-ups, and side pots are all automatically handled. + Challenging Computer Players - Play against thousands of computer players, each with their own unique style. + Helpful Information - View at a glance your current rank, number of players left, your hand, chances of winning, betting history and much more.

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It's been quite a while since I talked about myself on here. Half of my friends (online and around me) still don't know where I am in the world or what I'm doing. I am back home in Sacramento. In the past year, I was able to travel to many different places: Taiwan in spring. Europe in June. China in the last months of the summer. Even Vegas for a few days in July. I've been able to travel more than some people do in their entire lifetime and I feel lucky. I arrived in Beijing on August 18th. Left September 20th. Now it's been a month. I still haven't come to terms with the experience. What does it mean to come to terms with something? I don't know. I hear this term thrown around a lot and I've never quite understood with it meant. In the past, I imagined the last page of a good book being turned over. Now I feel as if this doesn't fit either. Whatever. Though it makes me feel unsetteled (not in any kind of negative way) but I had a great time. So...I don't think much these days. Everything's that's happened sort of ascends into its own self-contained bubble. Isolated from everything else given some time. To think, it's been a year since my accident. This accident was the genesis of everything in 2010 but yet, it feels so far removed from everything that's happened. Each trip takes on a dream like quality everytime I come home. I'm strange maybe. It happens regardless of all the photos, the money that's disappeared, the physical things I carry about back as mementos. Like every dream, some weigh heavier than others. They can leave you sad. Or regretful that it wasn't more real. Sometimes you feel happy just to have them. For most of September and early October (maybe still), I've been in this certain state, where everything feels disconnected from my senses, yet is so vivid at the same time. My room. My window blinds. My bed. My backyard especially. It's the middle of October and the leaves are as lucious and green as they were in July. After a long dream, I like to stay in bed instead of getting up right away. I try to fit the pices together so that it forms something coherent. It's much easier to remember one solid piece instead of trying to hold fragments here and there. I can retrieve it quickly later on. This morning, I dreamed that I was cutting school to go to Safeway. I was going to buy some beers but while waiting in the check out line, I couldn't walk. Then I was walking towards home but walking on my hands. It went on like this. A rose was no the sidewalk and I believe a cat. Saw my driveway and my dad's truck and made my way up to. I was in a hand stand position with my legs up in the air and body waving upright. Then I forgot everything afterwards. Sometimes it happens, you go downstairs, make yourself a cup of coffee, have breakfast, come back and try to write it out and everything's gone. Somewhere in its own place. In some ways, the memory of Beijing is like this. Taiwan, even more so. Europe, feels like it didn't even happen to me. They become sheltered. Think about a dyson sphere, a structure so complex and large that theoretically, it's able to cover an entire star and provide energy for infinite millenniums... My head just exploded. Anyway...about the present. Well, what about it? There will be a book soon. I hesitate to call it a book but, since it has an ISBN, why not haha (I'll update more on this later). There's also a small self-published magazine with a friend to feature writers and artists we personally like that's being planned (sort of). I've also forced (literally, because I am just throwing myself and ideas at people) my way into some collaborative projects with a few other creative people around me. I'll try to keep everyone up to date. Or just throw it onto here when they're done. These days, I dislike talking about “process” without having anything tangible yet. “All software no hardware”, she always said. It's probably the reason why I don't talk about myself anymore compared to before, and why my fictional characters are constantly in retreat mode. Anyway, who knows where these things will end up, but I think good ideas are always worth a try when you have the time. Maybe the stars are aligned right now and I just don't know it. In the meantime, the job process continues on. I'd really like to get out of Sacramento. I think I've outgrown my roots here. Baby teeth are a funny phenomenon . Will keep writing. So that's that. Off my chest.
Yay! It's Sushi! (Shopping after Karaoke)
Yay! It's Sushi! (Shopping after Karaoke)
Over a year ago, Mom planted the seeds for a new hobby interest. (As if I don't collect/packrat away enough stuff already. ^_^;) - Miniatures. In this case, over the last few months (or year?) I've gone to Kinokuniya Bookstore in San Francisco and San Jose, I've noticed the Re-Ment miniature collections. So, last night, I invested about $11 and bought a total of three "blind boxes" (Well, two boxes and one bag - I also bought some books, more on those in a later update!), and decided to concentrate on one of my favorites - Sushi! What you see here (Most likely will be carefully moved and properly displayed when the room defragmentation happens ^_^;) comprises all three boxes. I've got a small assortment on the left on a wooden "geta", consisting of something that looks like a really tiny octopus ( I think), an uni gunkan maki (sea urchin "battleship" roll), and ikura gunkan maki (salmon roe "battleship" sushi) and some more ikura on the side. Up front, four dishes from a typical conveyer belt sushi assortment, including what looks like a couple salmon (sake) nigiri offerings, a plate of tako (octopus) nigiri sushi, a nice little dessert (gelatin cubes topped with whipped cream?) and a nice hot cup of tea. ^_^; Finally, in the back, a meal for 2 (or even 3!) - a tasteful assortment in a beautiful lacquered container. I can identify some tamago-zushi (egg) what looks like squid, ebi (shrimp), sake (salmon) maguro (tuna), hamachi (yellowtail) maybe some kanpachi? (amber jack), garnished with some slices of egg and a bit of gari (pickled ginger)

window blinds software
window blinds software
Royal Marines Commando / Battlestrike Force of Resistance 2 - Action Pack
Royal Marines Commando-WWII, 1941. As a result of a marine blockade Great Britain is on the verge of catastrophe, and Germany is about to begin tests of a new type of submarine that can end the war faster than anyone ever suspected. Winston Churchill personally orders commandoes to obtain information on the location of the new U-Boot and instructs them to destroy it. The player takes on the role of a select British commando from the British Royal Marines. During their mission they fight in France, on a Norwegian island of Vagsoy, and in the African desert mines. Their tasks include stealing out documentation, freeing prisoners captured by the Gestapo, destroying tanks, or capturing fortified enemy positions. Battlestrike Force of Resistance II-Welcome to the Eastern Front...Surrender is Not and Option. August 1942, The Nazis have advanced across much of Europe and now have their eyes set on the mighty Soviet Union. German scientists have created a new and deadley chemical warfare agent. The key to victory is the fall of Stalingrad and the Nazis plan to attack as soon as their secret is complete. As a special Russian operative you must go behind the Eastern front lines, infiltrate the Nazis and stop them from producing this deadley agent. Save the city, and turn the tide of war.