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Home Tanning Canopy

home tanning canopy
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home tanning canopy - Solar Storm
Solar Storm 32 Bulb Wolff Systems Tanning Bed with Face Lamps
Solar Storm 32 Bulb Wolff Systems Tanning Bed with Face Lamps
? Tunnel design completely surrounds tanners for fast all-over tanning results. ? Extremely durable aluminum frame to ensure easy maintenance and long life. ? 24 extremely efficient high-output lamps in the bench and canopy of the bed. ? 8 extremely efficient high-output dual facial lamps to shower the face with extra UV light for a faster, darker tan. ? High-glossed aluminum reflectors for maximum tanning power and efficiency. ? High-performance acrylic sheets allow the maximum amount of UV light for a faster, darker tan. ? Delivered 98% preassembled for quick and easily assembly. ? 3-year powertrain warranty. ? Standard lifetime warranty on the frame of the bed. ? Hour counter to keep tracked of the hours used on the bed. ? Proudly made in the USA. ? Extra-long tanning 78" x 34" wide tanning surface to accommodate all sizes. Have Question? Need Help? Give us a call at 877-834-9554

89% (18)
There are two overlapping tan lines on my wrist. The vacant space where I wear my watch sits is pale white. Between this and the rest of my arm, there is a small buffer that is neither tan or white. It is peeling at the edges, small slivers that glows like a halos under the fluorescent bathroom light. Five miles after work everyday, five days a week. My mind is a void when I am running; no thoughts run through me. Blood pumps furiously into my legs, arms, heart and lungs, every part of me in equal measure nothing spared. But the view today is different. My stomach has sunk into an unnatural concave. I move my fingers over the ridge-lines of my chest and can count out each protrusion. Emily said all the baby fat is gone now and soon there will be nothing left for her to hold. I am only noticing these things now. I walk up to the mirror and put the shaving razor back inside and think about what else will disappear. I close the medicine cabinet and run the water. It is cool when I step into it. I've kept the ceiling vent off so that I don't wake Emily up. Even while unconscious she reacts to every disturbance. Say, the change in pressure when one partner leaves the bed in the middle of the night. Without the droning of the fan, I can almost hear almost every drop from the shower head against my body. I glide the bar of soap over my limbs and body as the other hand trails behind it. I like the smell of soap because it makes me feel brand new again--walking down a pristine store aisle by yourself; the glow of a brand new lamps; the coolness of a stethoscope in the winter. I look at my arms again. The burnt ashy shade reminds me that it is August already and I have not been counting at all. August is the tail end of the travel season. Everything is quiet in the office. The bulk of the bookings come in late May and June and in those months, the work is non-stop. But not August. People anchor themselves at home and wait out the season. What it must be like to be in Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam, in August. I don't like the idea. When I interviewed for this job, I told them that my strength was in research. My desk is perpendicular to the main window. It looks out to the parking lot and street. Beginning at eight, the sunlight carves a niche from the carpet, up the side of my desk, across my phone, and by two, hangs over everything like a heat lamp. There is no escaping it. My boss insists on keeping the blinds up. “We have to keep the views from outside coming in,” he says. When he sees them down, they are pulled back up with a loud clatter. Then he glares at all of us in the office. I prefer to be in the back, by the hum and whirl of the printers but I don't complain. I like it here in this office. It's close to home, a few miles away, and the people who come in are pleasant enough. (*talk about customers maybe*) In the trunk of my car, I keep a gym bag with a change of clothes: a pair of running shorts, track shoes, socks, and some faded t-shirts. Today, it is a black one with the words “Santa Cruz” written across the front in bold red slanting letters. After locking the door to the office and turning the computers and lights off, I change in the backroom where clients have their passport photos taken. As I undo my tie, I think of how strange the image in the mirror was this morning. It was someone else. I press down on my temples. I am not feeling like myself today. I've missed the timing for the crosswalk today, a rare occurrence, and I jog in place while waiting for the signal to change. My boss waves to me from his car as it pulls out of the parking lot and I wave back. “Going for a fun?” “Yup!” “That's great. You're de-stressing. Well, see you tomorrow.” “Sure!” The park across the street from my office is wide and flat. It is blanketed by trees on all sides with long stretches of grass that are well maintained. At the western end is a small amusement park, composited with a house shaped like a boot, fairy castles, and lady bug rides. Across the street from this is the city zoo. I keep away from the western end and cut through the middle while completing my laps. My feet feel light on the grass. I can run faster, longer, without any pain. Running on grass, when I close my eyes and listen, it sounds the same as summer sprinklers, a quiet swish-swish as my feet swing back and forth. I am washing last night's dishes when Emily comes home from work. I hear the front door open and her footsteps traveling up the stairs. The air shifts from the smell of dishwasher soap to honey suckle when she is in the kitchen with me. The ends of her damp hair prick the skin on my neck as she slips her arms around my waist and presses herself against me. “What do you want to eat tonight?” I say. “Whatever you want to make me,” she says. Yesterday, I told her I'd make dinner but after my run, I'm not in the mood to cook. I am not feeling like myself. Compiling the list of ingredients, a d
407 14th Street
407 14th Street
Meatpacking District, Gansevoort Market Historic District, Manhattan These buildings have a complex and fascinating history. When John Jacob Astor I died in 1848, his will specified that his executors were to provide for his "insane" son, John Jacob Astor, Jr. A residence was constructed for him (c. 1848-52) on the western portion of this site (then No. 237 West 14" Street), where he lived until his death in 1869. Leased from 1869 to 1875 by the Samaritan Home for the Aged, it was described by Rev. J.F. Richmond in 1871 as "a large double house, fifty feet front, constructed of brick, with three stories and basement." In 1875, James Stewart and his son-in-law, Philip Herrman, both builders, acquired this residence and the two lots to the east. The Scottish-born Stewart was the head of the firm of James Stewart & Son, 82 Horatio Street, and was the superintendent of construction of the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church (1 873-75, Carl Pfeiffer), 705 Fifth Avenue. Herrman [see Architects Appendix] owned and built his carpenter shop next door at 405 West 14th Street [see] in 1878. Stewart and Herrman started altering the Astor residence in 1875-76 (Alts. 1179-, 1181-1875), but Buildings Department records indicate that the project was abandoned. Stewart died in 1876 and his portion of this property was sold to Patrick Skelly and Patrick A. Fogarty. Patrick Skelly was a brewer and distiller who later (1886) acquired 21-25 Ninth Avenue and operated a wine and liquor business there; it was continued by his son, Hugh P. Skelly, until the 1910s. Patrick A. Fogarty was also a brewer and distiller, at five locations according to an 1880 directory. They were joined by business partner Hugh O'Reilly. The existing Astor structure was altered and expanded into an ale brewery and a flats building in 1876 (Alt. 820-1876), with a unified four-story facade by eminent commercial architect John B. Snook. The brewery building appears on an 1879 map as O'Reilly, Skelly & Fogarty's Centennial Brewery. By 1899, O'Reilly, Skelly & Fogarty were in financial difficulty and their properties were sold at public auction in 1901. The brewery building reverted to James Stewart Hermann, Philip's son who also owned the flats portion after his father's death. In 1900-01 (Alts. 575-1900,35-1901), interior alterations were made "for stores, light storage and manufacturing," and anew storefront was installed. A party wall was removed, replaced by steel framing, in 1917 (Alt. 524-1917). A rear extension was constructed, and a metal canopy added to the front, in 1926 (Alt. 1417-1926). Until the 1970s, tenants have been primarily meat, poultry, and dairy merchants, with longer durations by Darling Bros. Co., Korner & Schwabeland Co.1 H. Schwabeland & Sons, and Nathan Schweitzer Co., a subsidiary of Amour & Co. This wide Italianate style brewery and similar French flats building contribute to the historically-mixed architecture and varied uses - including industrial and market-related functions- of the Gansevoort Market Historic District. Constructed in 1876, during the second phase of development of the district, these buildings further contribute to the visual cohesion of West 14" Street through their Italianate details by an eminent commercial architect, metal cornice, cast-iron storefronts, and, in particular, as one of the district's earliest intact industrial structures. ----About the district---- The Gansevoort Market Historic District - consisting of 104 buildings - is distinctive for its architectural character which reflects the area's long history of continuous, varied use as a place of dwelling, industry, and commerce, particularly as a marketplace, and its urban layout. The buildings, most dating from the 1840s through the 1940s, represent four major phases of development, and include both purpose-built structures, designed in then-fashionable styles, and those later adapted for market use. The architecture of the district tells the story of an important era in New York City's history when it became the financial center of the country and when its markets were expanding to serve the metropolitan region and beyond. Visual cohesion is provided to the streetscapes by the predominance of brick as a facade material; the one- to six-story scale; the presence of buildings designed by the same architects, a number of them prominent, including specialists in market-related structures; the existence of metal canopies originally installed for market purposes; and the Belgian block paving still visible on most streets. The street layout is shaped by the transition between the irregular pattern of northwestern Greenwich Village (as far north as Gansevoort Street) and the grid of the 1811 Commissioner's Plan. Unusually large and open intersections contribute to the area's unique quality, particularly where Ninth Avenue meets West 14'~S treet and Gansevoort Street (which was wi

home tanning canopy
home tanning canopy
Tanning Bed and Red Light Skin Rejuvenation RelaxSun 24 SR Plus by ProSun 24 Lamps 2400 Watts
The RelaxSun 24 SR is a tanning bed and a Red Light Phototherapy Skin Rejuvenation System for your face and neck. Benefits: ? Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles ? Activates fibroblast cells which create collagen and elastin ? Improves skin tone ? Creates more skin moisture for a more youthful appearance ? Increases circulation to the skin ? Heals blemishes ? Helps repair sun-damaged skin - RelaxSun Skin Rejuvenation Systems uses Red light at 640nm to stimulate fibroblasts which cause an increase in collagen and elastin. This increase helps to repair damaged tissue, diminish lines, wrinkles and crow's feet. It also refines pore size to help with acne problems and has been known to fade age spots and help with joint pain. This red light phototherapy was originally implemented by NASA for it's space station astronauts. Constructed with an open frame and a deep, curved bench, it offers excellent exposure for all-around tanning. The RelaxSun has a total of 24 main lamps, including 8 integrated face bronzers, 4 arm bronzers and 4 skin rejuvenation lamps . It plugs into any 120-V electrical outlet and includes a head pad and goggles. (requires dedicated 20 amp line) Features: ? 24 Main Lamps ? Twelve 71-in 100W UVA canopy lamps ? Twelve 71-in 100W UVA bench lamps ? 8 Face bronzers 100 Watts ? 4 Arm bronzers 100 watts ? 4 Skin Rejuvenation Lamps ? Curved canopy for side to side tanning ? Reflector system designed to provide even tan ? Dial timer ? Session timers: 15, 20, and 30 minute timers ? Adjustable gas spring lifts ? Click strip system ? Uses standard household 120 voltage ? Includes head pad and goggles ? Dimensions: L: 78 in; W: 30 in ? LIFETIME WARRANTY on Tubular Steel Frame and Hinges ? 2 Year Electrical Warranty Specifications: ? ETL, ETL-C tested and approved ? 110V - 20Amp dedicated circuit ? Color: Royal blue/ warm silver ? Tanning surface 69"x 24" ? Overall length: 78"