Cellular window shade : Roman shades how to sew.

Cellular Window Shade

cellular window shade
    window shade
  • an opaque window blind that can cover or uncover a window
  • A window blind is a type of window covering which is made with slats of fabric, wood, plastic or metal that adjust by rotating from an open position to a closed position by allowing slats to overlap. A roller blind does not have slats but comprises a single piece of material.
  • (Window Shading) Any device for reducing unwanted heat gain from a window.
  • Denoting or relating to a mobile telephone system that uses a number of short-range radio stations to cover the area that it serves, the signal being automatically switched from one station to another as the user travels about
  • characterized by or divided into or containing cells or compartments (the smallest organizational or structural unit of an organism or organization); "the cellular construction of a beehive"; "any effective opposition to a totalitarian regime must be secretive and cellular"
  • Of, relating to, or consisting of living cells
  • (cellularity) the state of having cells
  • (of a fabric item, such as a blanket or vest) Knitted so as to form holes or hollows that trap air and provide extra insulation
  • relating to cells; "cellular walls"; "cellular physiology"
cellular window shade - Cellular Memory
Cellular Memory
Cellular Memory
Have you ever had the urge to engage in a specific behavior but have no idea what triggered it? Have you heard stories about the way in which personal preferences have changed following an organ transplant? Have you experienced deja vu? The concept of cellular memory may provide some answers.
This eye-opening presentation includes emerging information about cellular memory that may help you identify and better manage information-energetic memories that have been passed down to you from the last 3-4 generations of your biological line or created by you.
Discover: * How memory can be passed on by strands of protein * Ways in which cellular memory can be developed * How transplanted organs can impact donor memory * Strategies that can influence cellular memory
This product is manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media. Amazon.com's standard return policy will apply.

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SP.05 - By the window
SP.05 - By the window
I finally broke down and bought a wireless remote for my camera. I have NO IDEA why I waited so long. Why didn't I have it when doing the 366 project? SO MUCH EASIER. Of course, I got one SP done (this one) and then lost it. I know it's in the house somewhere, but it has probably been turned into a cat toy and is under a piece of furniture somewhere. The best part? When I opened it up I bragged to John about how it can attach to my camera strap so that I'd never lose it. What: SelfPortrat.05/52 Where: In front of living room windows that face south-westish (in the afternoon. and more west than south, so I should have said west-southish, but that just sounds wrong) Setup: Camera on tripod, me in front of window (with awesome cordless cellular shades down) (they're only a few months old, I'm still excited about them). Picture taken with remote. Editing: FX-Foundry's Make Wonderful script, then duplicate layer. Because I like to make myself doubly wonderful.
Celluar Shades
Celluar Shades
Honeycomb/Cellular shades provide a very soft and warm feel to any room. They also greatly improve the energy efficiency of your home, making them an excellent Eco-friendly choice. Honeycomb/Cellular shades have traditionally functioned only as shades, but that has changed. Modern Cellular shades have been designed so they can also function in much the same way as horizontal blinds.

cellular window shade
cellular window shade
Phone Booth
A single phone call can change a man's lifeā€¦or possibly end it. Colin Farrell delivers a captivating, off-the-hook performance as Stu Shepard, a self-centered New York City publicist who suddenly finds himself on the deadly end of a high-powered rifle scope. Now it's a real-time race against the clock as Stu must outwit a psychotic sniper in a frantic scramble from phone booth to freedom. Directed by Joel Schumacher, this groundbreaking "tightly-made thriller" (Sidekick Magazine) co-stars Forest Whitaker, Katie Holmes, and Kiefer Sutherland as the crazed gunman calling the shots, literally.

By some lucky quirk of fate, Phone Booth landed on Hollywood's A-list, but this thriller should've been a straight-to-video potboiler directed by its screenwriter, veteran schlockmeister Larry Cohen, who's riffing on his own 1976 thriller God Told Me To. Instead it's a pointless reunion for fast-rising star Colin Farrell and his Tigerland director, Joel Schumacher, who employs a multiple-image technique similar to TV's 24 to energize Cohen's pulpy plot about an unseen sniper (maliciously voiced by 24's Kiefer Sutherland) who pins his chosen victim (a philandering celebrity publicist played by Farrell) in a Manhattan phone booth, threatening murder if Farrell doesn't confess his sins (including a potential mistress played by Katie Holmes in a thankless role). In a role originally slated for Jim Carrey, Farrell brings vulnerable intensity to his predicament, but Cohen's irresistible premise is too thin for even 81 brisk minutes, which is how long Schumacher takes to reach his morally repugnant conclusion. --Jeff Shannon