Thank you for your attention, Georgiy Nikitin.

Recently our modest abode was visited by Nikitin Georgiy. The journalist and writer happily told the students about his profession and how to properly write books.

Children asked him questions, to which he answered with pleasure:

- Georgiy, what author influenced your worldview?
My favorite authors came from my early childhood: Jules Verne, Dumas, Scott, Stevenson, Conan Doyle ... - could spend days in the company of their heroes. Until now, from time to time, I read these amazing novels.
- And which book is your favorite?
Many times I answered this question: my favorite book is the one I'm working on at the moment.
- How do you feel about the adaptation of your books? Did not you think to master the director's path?
I believe that everyone should do their own thing: directors - shoot movies, writers - write books, politicians lie, and artists who paint cubes, squares and arrows - compose stories about contemporary art. To each his own.
- Share your happiness formula with our readers.
Love yourself, and then those around you will also love you. Respect someone else's opinion, but defend your own opinion. Remember that you do not owe anything to anyone, just like no one owes you anything. Good luck.
- Do you feel like a teacher of your readers? Do you feel responsible for building their worldview?
We learn badly easily, we learn good ourselves. If one of my readers takes a good one from my novels or learns bad is their choice. I write novels, not textbooks on how to live.
- What could you advise the novice authors?
Beginning authors always advise only one thing - since they called themselves the author - write, write and write again. The road will be mastered by the going.