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04 Month of a Marian Memorial - Fr Anthony Charanghat

posted May 2, 2019, 10:38 AM by Neil D'Souza   [ updated ]
For centuries, Catholics throughout the world have honoured the Blessed Virgin Mary with special devotion of the Rosary during the month of May and crowning her as a Queen of Peace, making it truly the month of a Marian Memorial. Besides, the month of May largely corresponds with the Church’s liturgical season of Easter, the 50 days between Easter Sunday and Pentecost Sunday. The popular Marian piety encouraged by the Church is not at odds with the season of Easter.

In the Easter season and during this month of May, we celebrate with Mary, the Resurrection of the Lord. Truly, Mary’s heart was filled ‘with joy beyond all telling’ at the Resurrection of her Son. We share in her joy and we ask for her intercession and protection, that we may obtain peace in these turbulent times of terror and political conflict. We plead that she help us secure the elusive joy of everlasting life won by her Risen Son. The Church highlights this joy in the Easter prayer that is called the ‘Regina Coeli’. We sing or say: “Queen of heaven, rejoice, alleluia. For He whom you did merit to bear, alleluia. Has risen as He said, alleluia.”

Mary had stood at the foot of the cross as the sorrowful Mother, joined with the suffering of her Son. She stood by Jesus in His agony on the cross and witnessed the suffering and death of her beloved Son. It was during this agony that Our Lord gave us Mary as our Mother. In His great love for us, through St. John, Jesus entrusted His mother to us and entrusted us to His mother. She is with us and teaches us to join in solidarity with all our brothers and sisters who are tragic victims of the recent gruesome attacks of terror and not to fear in political, economic or social troubled times.

It is also good in the Easter season to reflect on Mary’s presence in the community of the first disciples waiting for Pentecost. As we approach the feast of Pentecost, we can reflect on that first community of disciples praying together in the upper room after Jesus’ Ascension into heaven. Mary was with them in prayer, awaiting the descent of the Holy Spirit. Mary had already been overshadowed by the Holy Spirit at the Annunciation, when she conceived the Son of God and became the Mother of Christ. At Pentecost, she would again be overshadowed by the Holy Spirit, filled with His grace to fulfil her new role as Mother of Christ’s Body, the Church.

In light of our Blessed Mother’s joy at her Son’s Resurrection and of her loving and prayerful presence with the disciples in the upper room at Pentecost, we can celebrate this Marian month of May with deeper meaning. In the beautiful prayer of the rosary, we meditate on the mysteries of Jesus, the key moments of His life. As we pray the rosary, Mary helps us to put Jesus at the centre of our attention, our thoughts, and our actions. The Holy Father invites us to pray the rosary together in the family or with friends or in the parish. Praying the rosary together strengthens family life, friendships, parish life and can direct us to the gift of Easter Peace - the path of Peace to the world.

We believe that Mary reigns in glory with her Son, interceding for us and all God’s children. This Easter season is a reminder that Mary, the humble handmaid of the Lord who was on earth, now shares in the glory of her Son’s resurrection and has been exalted by God as the Queen of all creation. May Mary, our Mother and our Queen, help us to follow her Son and one day receive the crown of glory in heaven.