The Archaeometry Center

Welcome to the University of Ioannina Archaeometry Center (UoIAC). It was established in 1999 in the frame of the Network of Laboratory Units and Centers of the University of Ioannina. The UoIAC aimed to help the archaeological research in the area of  Epirus and generally in Greece by conducting dating of archaeological samples. The UoIAC is equipped with a liquid scintillation analyzer  (Tri-Carb 3170TR/SL) and a TL/OSL reader (Riso DA-20) . Also a chemical laboratory has been developed in order to be used for samples processing. All sample chemical processes can be performed under red light (dark room conditions) in the case of dating with the TL/OSL dating method.

The UoIAC has  extended its research activities and services to other scientific fields such as isotope hydrology, water resources quality, isotope geology and radioactivity assessments.

TL/OSL Dating Laboratory performs thermoluminescence and optical stimulated luminescence dating of samples with archaeological and geological interesting.

Tritium Laboratory performs isotope hydrology researches and water resources quality assessment.

Environmental assessments Laboratory performs environmental researches at various ecosystems like water environments (rivers, lakes, estuaries), forests, and agricultural areas covering issues of environmental pollution with heavy metals, radioactivity (artificial and natural) and other human and natural activities.