About SFM and Archaeology

This website contains links, descriptions and documentation on the use of sfm in archaeology. Please see my blog for my ongoing projects combining archaeology, 3D graphics, video games and photography.

These pages look at the use of 'structure from motion' to quickly and cheaply build 3d models from photographs.
The process is very similar to photogrammetry, but uses an additional step to calculate camera position from the photographs, so there is no need to know the camera position, and it can even be done from pre-existing photographs provided the coverage is great enough.
Feature matching software matches points across a sequence of images, and uses triangulation to determine the exact location of the camera for each image. This information is used to calculate the position of features in 3D space. The resulting pointcloud can be processed to create a 3D model or elevation map. This technique allows the recording of surface detail at a precision, cost and speed that can compare favourably with topographic survey, LiDAR and laser scanning, and photogrammetry.