CH HC SairieBright Gwynne MX MXJ HXAs

dob 8/15/1998


Gwynne has so much talent in everything she does.  Beautiful, swift, clever, eager, sensitive and loving, with strong herding instinct and desire, Gwynne is a treasure.  She won her breed champion-ship in April 2000, followed by titles in agility and herding.  In Sept. 2003 she was awarded the AKC Herding Champion title, making her an AKC Dual Champion.  As a hiking companion she had no peer, exhibiting such love of life.  In early 2006 Gwynne returned to her ancestral roots and went to live in England with dear friends.  Gwynne was exhibited by me as an American Champion at Crufts in March 2006--what an honor that was--and represented the U.S.A. very commendably.  Most important, Gwynne is enjoying her retirement to the fullest.