Griselle puppy 1998

Griselle Kachina UDX AX

4/24/88 - 9/30/02

Griselle was the dam of Sky and granddam of Gwynne, a very sweet, intelligent and loyal dog and a very special member of our family.  She was a Delta PetPartners therapy dog and my obedience instructing assistant.  She was the first dog in Utah to earn AKC agility titles and in fact earned all agility legs out of state except her last AX leg, won at the age of 10 years.  (Agility was a new sport to AKC in Griselle's time, and Utah's dog clubs did not offer agility for a long time.)  

Griselle was honored by inclusion of four of her photos in the book The Ultimate Border Collie, Alison Hornsby, ed.