My wife

My beautiful wife, Bita 

I met my wife online in the late spring of 2001.  She is a structural engineer and my Yahoo! profile read that I was a "firmware architect".  She wanted to know what that was, how it was related to structural engineering.  I explained that it was in the computer field.  She was a little disappointed, but she liked how I explained.  We started talking 5-6 hours every day.

There are many reasons for me to think that the meeting of my wife was fated.  Here are some of those reasons.

  • I do not normally work in the firmware arena; my usual career path has been  release management.
  • I was on medical leave, so I had a lot of time to be able to learn with this wonderful woman.

I knew early on how much I need her.  But it took a long time before I could tell her that I loved her.  I am very glad that I did.