John Gaudet- Water World of Ancient Egypt *Fundraiser Event*

Come mingle with other Egyptophiles, celebrate Ancient Egypt, hear Dr. John Gaudet discuss the importance of water in Ancient Egypt. Your support will help the ARCE DC chapter bring the best in the field to the DC area.

Saturday May 19, 2018
Event Begins: 4:00 PM
Talk Begins: 5:30 PM
Location: 505 East Braddock Rd, Alexandria, VA 22314

Food: Middle Eastern food and the best Baklava in D.C.!

Raffle: Enter the raffle for Egyptian themed prizes! 

Hieroglyphs station: Our own board member Craig Boyer will be rendering names in Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs on Egyptian Papyrus that you can take home. $5/per person.

The Souk: Shop in our own little 'souk,' or market, for a variety of items— especially books, journals, and interesting items brought back from Egypt including jewelry, scarves and more.

Main Event:

The Water World of Ancient Egypt
Dr. John Gaudet 

Ten thousand years ago the Sahara and Egypt were extraordinarily verdant, lush places with water in excess. Large lakes, interlinked with waterways and thousands of rivers produced aquatic conditions that lasted until 5000 - 3000 B.C. when the climate changed as the earth tilted, the rains stopped, deserts formed and man moved on as the Sahara dried out. In ancient days the swamps along the Nile River and in the Delta were important wet refuges that served man and made up the World of Water for ancient Egypt. The early inhabitants of this region developed rich agricultural land along the river floodplain in tune with the cycle of floods from annual inundations and in harmony with the floodplain. John Gaudet will discuss and illustrate this World of Water and how it acted as a great natural buffer, a sustainable reserve that was later cleared and developed to make way for the irrigated world of Pharaonic times, a period that began with the arrival of water-lifting techniques. 

John Gaudet is a writer, lecturer and ecologist who earned his PhD form the University of California, Berkeley. A Fulbright Scholar to both India and Malaya, he is the author of many scientific papers on the ecology and development of papyrus swamps.  His early research on the ancient aquatic plant, papyrus, funded in part by the National Geographic Society, took him to Uganda, Kenya, Sudan, Ethiopia, and many other places in Africa where papyrus grows.  His writings have appeared in the Washington, and Huffington Post.  Gaudet is the author of Papyrus, The Plant that Changed the World: From Ancient Egypt to Today's Water Wars, anThe Iron Snake, an historical novel about a railroad that affected millions in Africa. See more or contact him at:


Members $30; Non-Members $40;

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**This event takes place in Alexandria**
505 East Braddock Rd., Alexandria, VA 22314
Across the street from Braddock road Metro station.
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