Lectures & Events

Upcoming Lectures 2015-2016 Season 

Our Fundraiser will be held at:
505 East Braddock Road, Alexandria, VA 22314

Regular ARCE-DC lectures are presented at:
Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, Rome Auditorium, 
1619 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, DC. 

For lectures, a wine-and-cheese reception starts at 6:30 pm, followed by the lecture at 7:00 pm.  Contributions of $5.00/person are appreciated at the reception. Following each lecture, ARCE-DC offers a Meet-the-Speaker Dinner at the Beacon Bar and Grill--across the street on Rhode Island Avenue.  Each dinner attendee contributes $5.00 to assist with the cost of the speaker's dinner. 

Past Speakers

ARCE-DC 2015-2016 Speakers:

Khadiga Adam & J. J. Shirley- (Sept.), Regine Schulz- (Oct.), Joe Bothwell- (Nov.),  John Gaudet- Papyrus (Jan.), Leslie Anne Warden- Old Kingdom Social Life (Feb.), Marjorie Venit- Greek style in Egyptian Tombs (March) 

ARCE-DC 2014-2015 Speakers:

Don Ryan (Sept.), Steven Vinson (Oct.), Kara Cooney (Nov.), Roger Bagnall (Dec.), Colleen Manassa Darnell (Jan.), Kathryn Bard (Feb.), Lauren Lippiello (March), Aidan Dodson (April), Meryl Gensheimer (May) & Joshua Trampier (June)

ARCE-DC 2013-2014 Speakers:

Bart Vanthuyne (Sept. 2013), Eric Cline (Sept. 2013), John Adams (Oct. 2013), Jeremy Pope (Nov. 2013), Stuart Tyson Smith (Dec. 2013), Eugene Cruz-Uribe (Jan. 2014), Marjorie Venit (Feb. 2014--not pictured), Cynthia Sheikelshami (Mar. 2014), John Baines (April 2014), Chahira Kozma (May 2014), Beth Hart (May 2014), and Caroline Williams (June 2014).