Annual Party and Fundraiser, 2019!

Come mingle with other Egyptophiles, celebrate ancient Egypt, and hear an expert discuss the mysteries of the long-ago mortuary cult. Bring a friend—or two! Your support will help ARCE DC bring the best experts in the field to speak to our chapter in the future. 

Saturday May 18, 2019

Event Begins: 3:00 PM

Talk Begins: 5:00 PM

Please RSVP:

This is a ticketed event—members $30, non-members $40

Each ticket includes entrance to the talk, delicious Middle Eastern food, unforgettable baklava, and two drink tickets. This event is open to everyone, so bring a friend—or two.

Please RSVP by May 15 to so we can estimate attendance.   

To pay, bring a check or cash to the May 3 event at the Metropolitan Club, OR email Carol Boyer at for details on where to mail a check, OR pay at the door on May 18.


This event takes place in Alexandria, Virginia

505 East Braddock Road

(Across the street from the Braddock Road Metro station)

Venue sponsored by Maria & Richard Calderon and

 Hands Along the Nile Development Services Inc. (HANDS)


Food: Middle Eastern treats and the best baklava in the D.C. area!

Raffle: Enter the raffle for Egyptian-themed prizes! 

Hieroglyph station: Our own board member Craig Boyer will write any name you want in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs on a piece of papyrus that you can take home. $5 per name.

Marketplace: Shop in our own little “souk,” or market, for a variety of items—books, journals, and interesting items brought back from Egypt including jewelry, scarves, and more.

The Speaker—

 Joshua A. Roberson 

Secret Knowledge: 

Cosmology and Cosmography in the Egyptian Mortuary Cult


Ancient Egyptian kings expended tremendous effort in the construction of virtual worlds within the confines of their tombs. Through art, writing, and architecture, the tomb was made to function as a miniature cosmos, in which the ruler's own corpse assumed the dual roles of Osiris, Egypt’s god of dying and resurrecting, and Re-Atum, the sun and creator. In this way, the king hoped to transcend bodily death through apotheosis—literally becoming a god—thereby assuring his immortality and eternal rule. This lecture will explore the twin strategies of cosmography (drawing the world) and cosmology (world knowledge) employed for this purpose in the royal tombs of Egypt’s Imperial Age.


Joshua Aaron Roberson received his Ph.D. in Egyptology from the University of Pennsylvania in 2007. He serves currently as Assistant Professor of Egyptian language and art history at the University of Memphis, and as Assistant Director of the university’s Institute of Egyptian Art & Archaeology. He has worked at numerous sites in Egypt since 2001, including Saqqara and Abydos on behalf of the University of Pennsylvania; the Opet and Ptah precincts of Karnak temple on behalf of the French National Center for Scientific Research; and Elephantine island on behalf of the German Archaeological Institute. In addition, as an ARCE fellow he has conducted field research and epigraphic surveys of royal and private tombs in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings and el-Asasif necropolis. His previous books include The Ancient Egyptian Books of the Earth (2012), The Awakening of Osiris and the Transit of the Solar Barques (2013), and Ramesside Inscriptions vol. IX (2018) as well as numerous scholarly articles concerning Egyptian language, script, and religion. His newest book, A Lexicon of Egyptian Cryptography of the New Kingdom, is currently in press.