2018 Niedenfuhr Award Recipient

Thank you to all the applicants to the first Francis W. Niedenfuhr Annual Meeting Award!

 The Niedenfuhr Annual Meeting Award is designed to help support student attendance and participation at ARCE's Annual Meeting through a $500 award to an applicant chosen by a panel of DC Chapter members. Entrants were asked to submit their accepted ARCE abstracts and CVs. There were many qualified applicants with interesting talks submitted. ARCE DC looks forward to continuing this Award on a yearly basis thanks to the support of our members.

The 2018 Francis W. Niedenfuhr award recipient is: 
Shelby Justl

Shelby Justl is a 6th year Ph.D. candidate at the University of Pennsylvania. Her talk is titled:

A Real Gem: Evidence of Semi-Precious Stones in New Kingdom Royal Cities 

Abstract:  The New Kingdom showed great advances in semi-precious stone workmanship, range of materials employed, and sheer quantity of semi-precious beads and amulets.  The Pharaoh was responsible for dispatching mining expeditions to acquire semi-precious stones and distributing the raw materials to temple and palace workshops.  The Pharaoh’s strong administrative control over semi-precious stones may explain why an assortment of gemstones were found in New Kingdom royal cities like Tell el-Amarna and others, and the ceremonial royal palace of Merneptah and surrounding urban center in Mit Rahineh.  For example, Penn’s past excavations of the latter site revealed quartz, jasper, carnelian, and even lapis amulets and beads, some in various states of completion.

This paper will identify the semi-precious stones present in these New Kingdom royal cities, their proximity to probable mining sites, evidence of workshops and local crafting, and level of royal involvement in the administration of semi-precious stones within that particular city and its palace. This paper aims to ultimately answer important questions on Egyptian semi-precious stone administration. What happens to the raw materials after mining?  And what can settlement archaeology reveal about this industry?