Welcome to the home pages of arcDIMoy

These home pages have information on the brands, the new consumer products and services in the product development and product design, developning real estates and buildings more efficient use of the implementation and, if necessary, organize assistance to these objectives.

When the man hunter became a collector and stated to slash and burn farming, consolidated his place of residence and was able to detach one of it´s members as descendants of instruction, man had reached an important phase in the evolution of human society.

arcDIM oy wants to be involved in developing the living environment and living conditions, the development of client´s product, business, to start the project, the deepning of all originalideas of sustainable development in accordance with the principles.

Architects, productors, visualizers and business developers will enable us to change the objective reality, and to spell out what is actually most of idea. Our work is the aim to provide a living, effective, multi-dimensional view on what to reflect the nature of the task includes what the opportunities it offers and, ultimately, to submit to the objective, perhaps as it originally would have been, or we shall end up quite a different result.

We have the honour, that the receipt of the probe contributing to the objectives of the service.