Faculty Board Committees

The ARC appoints undergraduate representatives to several faculty committees. Appointments are made during spring term and last for one year. For more details on faculty committees, visit:




Academic Policies Committee (APC)

Amrita Rhoads

Vibha Vijayakumar (alternate)

The academic policies committee shall make a continuous study of the Institute's academic policies. It shall not be limited in any way concerning the subjects that it may take under consideration for discussion and recommendation to the Faculty Board.

Core Curriculum Steering Committee (CCSC)

Gabby Tender Allison Tang Sarah Crucilla (alternate)

The CCSC coordinates and supervises content and teaching of the Core Curriculum. The Committee also monitors the performance of the Core Curriculum courses and devises improvements in the core. Any proposed change in Core Curriculum courses must be reviewed and approved by the the CCSC before it is considered by the Curriculum Committee and the Faculty Board.

Curriculum Committee (CC)

Timothy Liu Adrian Huang Kavya Sreedhar (alternate)

The Curriculum Committee shall exercise general supervision over the undergraduate curriculum. All proposed changes in the undergraduate program and all proposed changes in courses, including the presentation of new courses that undergraduate students will normally take, shall be considered by this committee. Changes in program or courses shall be initiated by the Divisions and shall be submitted to the committee. or the committee may recommend changes to the appropriate Division. The committee shall determine which students, including those in the Independent Studies Program, have met the requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree and certify these candidates to the faculty for recommendation to the Board of Trustees. It shall render final decisions on student petitions for substitutions of courses or departures from prescribed course schedules.

Council on Undergraduate Education (CUE) https://cue.caltech.edu/

Timothy Liu Gabby Tender Kavya Sreedhar (Ex Officio)

The purpose of the Council on Undergraduate Education, which reports to the Provost, is as follows:

  • coordinate relevant faculty board committees to improve the education at Caltech for undergraduates;

  • provide a forum for analyzing and discussing the undergraduate academic issues that supersede any one faculty committee;

  • provide oversight on issues associated with undergraduate teaching;

  • work with the Academics and Research Committee (ARC) to organize, coordinate and facilitate follow-up to the biennial Student Faculty Conference and on other issues of mutual interest;

  • coordinate and review data related to student success and learning, retention and graduation, educational quality and effectiveness, and student satisfaction;

  • assist with accreditation reviews.

Housner Fund https://deans.caltech.edu/Services/gwhfund

Annie Chang Sunny Cui

The Housner Fund was established with a gift from George W. Housner, Braun Professor Emeritus in Engineering, to enhance the academic experience of undergraduate students at Caltech through its support of scholarly activities such as:

  1. Research that is distinct from the SURF program, although continuations of SURF projects qualify.

  2. Scholarly activities, such as undertaken by clubs and organizations with a technical theme.

  3. Travel to conferences, especially to present results of research.

  4. Independent study, including travel.

  5. Development and teaching of original courses, if a system for offering such courses by undergraduates is put into place.

Library Committee

Katherine Guo Maggie Anderson

The Library Committee shall advise the University Librarian concerning the operation of the Institute library facilities, and shall formulate policies on the administration of the libraries of the Institute.

Committee of Exchange Programs and Study Abroad (CEPSA)

Nicholas Hutchins

The Committee on Exchange Programs and Study Abroad (CEPSA) oversees Caltech's existing programs with several universities in other countries. The Committee proposes and explores new opportunities with suitable universities outside the USA.