Course Compliments

Submit your compliments at the below link :D (FAQ Below)

You can view compliments on the left by clicking here: Postings

What's this?

This term, the ARC is piloting "Course Compliments," a new program where students can spread the word about their experiences with an amazing professor or TA.

What do I have to do?

Fill out this short form with your compliment about a professor or TA. The more specific, the better! Note that your response isn't limited to just the professors/TAs you have this term.

How many can I submit?

You can submit as many compliments as you want, but we ask that you fill our a separate form for each person you'd like to compliment.

What happens after I submit?

All compliments, regardless of whether they are submitted with your name or not, may be posted anonymously to the ARC website.

In addition, we'll email all compliments anonymously to the respective profs and TAs!

What do I get?

Submissions can be either anonymous or named, depending on whether you choose to fill out your contact information. Should you choose to make an anonymous compliment, you'll be able to see your comment posted anonymously on the ARC website,

If you choose to leave your name with your compliment, you may be contacted via email by the ARC to have the opportunity to take your professor or TA out to lunch or dinner! You'll be subsidized for your meal, and all you have to do is write a short blurb for the Tech / the ARC website about how your meal went with your new friend afterwards!