Personal web site of Dave Arcaro

About me:

I am originally from Conneaut, Ohio, and currently reside in Lebanon, Ohio where I have lived since 1999 with my wife Erin. I am employed as a software engineer at Cintas Corporation in Mason, Ohio. Erin is a teacher at Mason Early Childhood Center.

My interests include:

Skydiving - I am a Static Line Instructor at Skydive Cincinnati  in Waynesville, Ohio. 

Flowriding - bodyboarding on an artificial wave. Check out the video on the right!

The Ohio State University Buckeyes

Free Open Source Software, including...
    Kubuntu Gnu/Linux (my favorite operating system)
    The Open Disc (free software for windows users)
    Gimp (advanced photo editor)
    OpenOffice.org (full featured office suite)
    Mozilla Firefox (web browser)

Roller Coasters

Cincinnati Bengals

Social Networking – you can find me on:


Interested in genealogy?

While I haven't spent much time researching my roots, I know many Arcaro's visit this site looking for such information. Though I once had the lofty goal of linking to all interested Arcaro's on this site, I found that there's a lot of us out there all over the world, and I haven't had time to keep up with it all. But if anyone has some good links to Arcaro genealogy sites, I'd be happy to list them here.

email me:

Dave Riding The Retro Flowrider from Simple Imagination on Vimeo.