Curriculum Vitae

Nahied Koolen. Training as an architect in Paris.
In 1984, I gained the French diplome (d.p.l.g.) with as round-off project: design of a hospital/policlinic in Lelystad.
During my study I have taken part in several exibitions and
have coöperated in the modernization of some pawn in the district Les Halles.
Since my have graduated I live permanently in the Netherlands.
perated in 1985, among other things in a project of the T.U. Delft concerning the rebuilding of the historical center of Managua. Also I cooperated in several expositions in The Hague of the Kunstkring in The Hague and the expositie A3 in the gemeentemuseum in The Hague. As from 1986 by me designs have been made of a multicultural center (dance,music,hammam) in The Hague, Bezemstraat, and a socio-cultural center in Almere.

In 1986, I started the office ARC- architecten
(Architecture, Research, Consultation) in The Hague.
Realized projects are:
- 1986-1995 renovations of schools in The Hague
- 1996-a child nursery,
- 1996-nine maisonnette houses to the Majubastraat in The Hague,
- 1998-21 apartments with extern care-possibilities(Natalstraat,The Hague)
- 2004-2 houses in Arnhem,
- 2005-socio-cultural centers in Utrecht,
- 2005-95 houses in Almere,
- 2006-a socio-cultural center for the indonesian elderly, Nusantara.
- 2006-apartments with care-center for young people with Down-syndroom,
- 2007-a public area at Almere-stad: Maastrichtplein.
- 2010-a house in Almere