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Interested In Umpiring?
If so contact Shane Rhodehamel
Phone: (937) 459-9873

2016 Board Members

See board page for the 2016 board members.

Umpire Scheduling

 Katie Hartman - 937-564-1037

2015 Umpire List

COLE SPITLER                  621-7063

AUSTIN BAKER                  564-3127

JONATHAN NELEIGH        751-2796

ALEX WEISS                       564-9169

ISAAC STEPHENS             467-1861

MATT TRITSCHU               903-2157

BRANDON RIFFLE             467-0705

BRANDON KINNEY            621-1737

ANGUS WHALEN               670-6205

STEVEN VANATTA            564-1457

JOEY FLAYER                  417-9881                 (mini and minors only) 

CAMERON REED              564-2418

MITCHELL WOGOMON  701-3751                  (mini and minors only) 

COLLIN HABEL                 271-7749

DYLAN CURTAIN             477-1261                 (mini and minors only) 

JEREMY MILLS                  621-0655

DONNIE HOFFMAN           621-1548

RICK ARY                           239-2355

JAKE BANKS                      467-6480

TREVOR FRY                  623-3984                  (mini and minors only) 

LAYNE BYRNE                  603-3782                (mini and minors only) 

Daniel Dendler                                423-9582              (mini and minors only) 

Ballpark Conditions

During the baseball season this flag will be updated to indicate if conditions allow games to be played.  A black flag means no games or practices.  A green flag means "Play Ball"

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Varsity Girls

We hope that this site will help you stay informed and up to date.  Check back frequently for updates.  We hope that everyone has a great baseball season this year!