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    The powers of Death are strange and alien to most people living on the material realm. The plane of death, a dark land known as the Endless Graveyard, is comprised of titanic conglomerations of bones that act as floating islands. Restless undead wander these islands, forever seeking the living to add to their ranks. There is no sunlight in this realm; the only light comes from tiny orbs of pale blue fire that float between these islands of bone. These little balls of blue flame blink in and out of realities, like tiny lanterns twinkling on a pitch black night. This pale blue flame is called aether, and is a very important material for death casters.
    Aether is cool to the touch, and despite its ethereal appearance, can actually be held (by death characters) like gelatin. Aether is the energy that holds together undead, allowing them to continue their existence in the mortal realms. As long as an undead has a spark of aether within them, they will inevitably rise again as the aether slowly absorbs ambient necrotic energy. Skilled death casters can use this pale fire to create offensive spells, inject it into foes to create curses, and even use it to suck the life out of others.

    The basic magical powers of Death is a perfect mix of everything the aspect can do: summoning, cursing foes, and launching a deadly barrage of bones and ethereal fire. When they are powerful enough, Death characters may select from one of the specialties of this aspect: Vampire, Necromancy, or Ghost. The Vampire specialty gives the user the power to drain blood from their victims, and increase the power of their own spells using that blood. It comes with a price, however; vampires cannot produce their own blood, and must supply their own bodies with the blood of others. The Necromancy specialty has access to many summoning powers, and gains masterful abilities that enhance their already impressive summoning capabilities. The last specialty, Ghost, gives the user an incorporeal form, as well as a multitude of stealth-based powers.
    The two masteries of the aspect give the user even more power over death. Only the most powerful death users can even hope take these masteries. The first mastery, Lich, grants the user incredible spells and powerful army-raising summoning power. Vampire and Necromancy users can take this mastery. The other mastery, Wraith, enhances the spectral powers of its specialties, and amplifies them with dangerous powers and abilities. Necromancy and Ghost specialists can take this mastery.

    The death aspect has only one goddess: Crux. The Queen of the Aether has few laws in place for her worshipers. The goddess herself does not seem to care about her followers, and Crux's most devout worshipers echo this sentiment to those who seek to join her clergy. In fact, the few laws she has given her clergy were only obtained during the first explorations of the planes. No mortal actually knew she even existed until these scientists and mages accidentally stumbled into her massive cathedral of bones. Both parties were equally surprised to encounter each other, but Crux showed mercy to the intruders. She allowed them to take notes on her plane, taught them the nature of the aether, and allowed them to leave. Soon after, she reached out to deliver a small set of laws to these mages and scientists, who used them to form a loosely organized religion around her.
    The rules she provided the mortal realms are called the Trifecta of the Pale Cross:
  1. The spirit is not the body - To the followers of Crux, a person's body is not who they are. To them, a body is merely a potential servant. The spirit of the person is what must be respected and remembered: the corpse is an afterthought.
  2. The undead are neither good nor evil; they are tools - The followers of Crux view undead as weapons, tools, or protectors. They are not good people helping to protect the innocent, nor are they evil monsters trying to kill the living: they're tools for the clergy of the dead.
  3. The feral dead must be controlled, or purged - Any wild undead outside of the control of the clergy of Crux are to be hunted down and exterminated. While the followers of the Queen of the Aether view undead as tools, they are well aware that uncontrolled undead are destructive in nature. As such, they take it upon themselves to destroy these wild undead wherever they might be found.
        Special Spell Rules:
    Characters who choose Death as their aspect have special rules to follow for certain spell types. Each of the following alterations apply to the spells you cast of that type.
  • Direct spells: No changes.
  • Heal spells: Death characters cannot use healing magic on living targets. Instead, they can use their Heal spells to heal undead. Their magical energy is disruptive in nature to living creatures, although undead can be healed by giving them an influx of necrotic energy.
  • Bless spells: All Bless spells Death characters cast can only target and affect the undead.
  • Curse spells: All Curse spells Death characters cast last for twice as long.
  • Summon spells: Death characters require fully intact corpses to use summoning magic. The magic itself permeates the corpse, raising it as the undead of the caster's choosing. A Death character may modify their Summon spells to target more than one corpse as a tier 1 bonus, and create up to (Intellect) undead with each casting.
        Utility Effects:
    Death characters may create Utility spells with any of the following effects.
  • Siphon - For 2 spell points, this utility effect may be added to any Direct spell. After the spell resolves, the caster heals HP for half the total damage dealt.
  • Puppetry - A Death character may directly control one of their [Undead] summons, using their Intellect in place of that monster's scores for accuracy and skill rolls. This effect lasts until the caster dispels it, or the monster is destroyed.
    These blessings are available to Death characters.
  • Accelerated
  • Dexterous
  • Endurance
  • Ghostly
  • Invisibility
  • Might
  • Protected
  • Resistant
    These curses are available to Death characters.
  • Blind
  • Chilled
  • Clumsiness
  • Crippled
  • Frailty
  • Paralysis
  • Slowed
  • Stupidity
    Death characters may summon any [Undead] monster using an available corpse, with some exceptions. A basic Death character may not summon [Incorporeal] undead, nor may they summon undead over level 20.

        Death Abilities
    Death characters gain access to the following abilities, and may gain them when they level up.
  • Death's Eye
  • Dead Hand
  • Mortal Fire