A Neverwinter Nights 1 persistent world 

Arcana is a world of fantasy and magic. Born of harsh elements, forged by the gods into a living place of danger and adventure, here is where you seek your fame and fortune. Here the boundary between the prime material plane and the elemental planes is weakening. This weakening of the veil has changed some of the creatures that inhabit Arcana. They have developed elemental attacks or resistances, or strength beyond that of there lesser cousins. The weakening, as it is known to scholars, also allows the summoning of powerful elementals and other denizens of the inner and outer planes.

Peace has reigned on Arcana for over 200 years since the great wars that were propagated from the evil Angaren Empire far to the east. Little is known of a new threat that is growing, slowly, patiently. It has waited many eons for this coming moment in time, where it will once again be loose on the world.

Server info:

Connect to: arcana.homelinux.org on port 5121


We are also listed in Game Spy under Role Play as.

Server: Arcana

Module: Arcana_NWN169_CEP22 (after April 7th 2009)

Required software:

Original Game: Neverwinter Nights

Plus expansions: Shadows of Undrentide (SoU) and Hordes of the Underdark (HoTU) Patched to version 1.69 and the Community Expansion Pack version 2.2. (links to all this on the left)

Optional Software:

Arcana Portrait Pack: portraits.rar You will need winrar or a zip program that handles *.rar files.

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