project: tft rotation mechanism

last update: 2010-july-03


 video #1  this video shows the working prototype of my tft rotation mechnanism. it's realized by a chain drive. two sprockets linked with a standard bicycle chain transmit the power from a dc gearbox motor to the monitor, which is fixed to the wooden base by a ball gearing. two microswitches determine the endpoints of the quater turn. of course - plenty can be improved or be changed here. this is just a working model.

 picture #1  this picture shows my first attempt to rotate the monitor. two meshing gears transmit torque from the motor's axis to the shank, which is attached directly to the monitor. unfortunately it didn't work properly. the torque of the gearbox motor is well big enough, but the two gears, assembled like shown, can't transmit the torque without jumping off. the initial moment to set the monitor in motion can't be transmitted.
i also tried a different gear ratio - but it didn't work better. problem here is that there is no 'lever' - the force actions directly in the center of the axis.

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