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       Klick on a video to see the project and its evolution.      

Arcadecab Quadro Games Jumbo ... Die Reparatur

   This video shows how to fix the "Quadro Games Jumbo" and shows frequent issues.   

Arcadecab Quadro Games Jumbo ... aus Ebay

   Videogame machine from the 90ths with a rotating monitor. The player chooses the desired game by a control switch and the monitor rotates automatically.   

Videospielautomat Orion von Ebay mit überraschendem Inhalt

   Videogame cabinet bought on Ebay in Germany. Find out what I found inside.   

Pinball Motordome 1986

      I got this machine in 2001 for $150 in a disastrous condition.
I completely disassembled and refurbrished this 1986 pinball machine.

The Uze-Box Videogame Console

      This is a DIY game console ... watch the video and build one yourself.      

Videogame Arcade Cabinet 1942

      An old 1984 Game Cabinet made in Germany. Completely refurbrished from scratch.      

Merit Boardwalk Arcade Cabinet 2006

   A game cabinet from 2006 from the US. Not that famous but with a gorgeous giant 29" flat tube from Kortek.   

Williams Pinball Star Wars Episode 1

   Williams 1999 Pinball Star Wars Episode 1. Unique combination of classic pinball and tube video monitor. This PB2K platform was only used in its successor Revenge From Mars, also 1999.   

welcome to arcadekrant - on this site you'll find lot's of my projects over arcade cabinets, mame, video games, arcade pcbs etc.  in the sidebar you'll find finished projects as well as projects in process. feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments (-> contact and comments)

hoi - op deze website vinden jullie informatie over arcade speelkasten, arcadespellen, mame, etc.
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