arbyntest's Spam test

How much SPAM am I going to receive from  this site?

This page is a test to see how much SPAM Google Pages generates from the use of your Gmail user name as part of URL. It may take a while for the Spammers to collect these addresses but I think once they do Gmail accounts who use the Pages function will be spammed to death.


As of the publishing of this page (2/26/2006 @ 1:01 pm cst) my Gmail account was brand new and had no email in the inbox. So let the test begin, and lets see how long it takes to be spammed to death.


I plan to post daily spam count updates so come back periodically to see how long it takes this account to spammed to oblivion.


  • Update 12:56 am Feb 28 2006-----------Nothing yet. Spammers may not be as smart as we think. But  I still say they will catch on, and  once there is enough Googlepages to make it worth it to farm the email adresses they will. So I guess that begs for a POLL Question. How many Google pages will be created? And how many before it's worthy of exploiting this flaw? Also will Google give us stats of how many Google pages exist? Better yet how about a GooglePages home, where you could randomly or by category look at the pages. Many questions here. If you have comments you can place comments on my blog post about this experiment. Click here to comment on my blog  
  • Update 10:56 pm Mar 5 2006-----------Still no spam, it's odd but I am disappointed that I haven't had any yet.


  • Update 10:56 pm Mar 7 2006-----------Still no spam, I am assuming that's because of the small amount of google pages being published, the Email farmers do not see this a valuable source for email adresses yet.   

  • Update 1:08 pm Mar 10 2006-----------Still no spam, what an odd feeling it is to be hoping for spam as I wait for Gmail to load.  

  • Update 10:25 pm Mar 27 2006-----------Yippty Dippty Doo!!! I've got spam. Now let's see if this is the flood gates opening or just someone that realizes my goal and is messing with me. I noticed the spam was from a account and was about writely which google also owns. I also noted an odd web clip, notice the ad for the "spam" skillet casserole. Well it is my "spam" folder so I guess it's relevent.
  • Update 11:40 pm May 31st 2006-----------Small update just to state that the one Email I have received may or may not be Spam. But if it is, it wasn't the flood gates opening, that I thought it might be.

  • Update 12:40 am July 15th 2006OK must admit Google won! NO spam ever received, so the experiment is gonna take a shift to see if Yahoo is any worse? So I've created an Arbyntest Email account with Yahoo to see how much if any spam I get there. Stayed tuned for updates on this twist.