08 Sample Flight with ATC Interaction

This is one of my favorite flights KPHL-KJFK which I will use as a example of interaction with ATC.
It is always fun, well, one time I was not vectored correctly ( ATCs are humans, some are learning like you ...) and I crashed ... I felt bad, I should have declare missed approach and ask for vectors again .... I did not, I disconnected .... it might happen to you too, do not let it stop you from having fun flying on VATSIM.

Now the interaction.
I looked who was on line as ATCs and changed PHL_GROUND frequency

CAX77: Good evening Sir, CAX777 at KPHL ramp requesting IFR to KJFK as filled, CAX777
PHL_GROUND: CAX777 contact Tower 118.5 ..... comment....
CAX77: Over to Tower, CAX777 ( switched to Tower frequency)
CAX77: Good evening Sir, CAX777 at KPHL ramp requesting IFR to KJFK as filled, CAX777
PHL_TOWER: CAX777, clearance on request, stand by
CAX77: roger, CAX777
PHL_TOWER: CAX777, Ammended FP, Clrd to KJFK via DITCH direct CYN, JIMEE,FALON, CAMRN. Maintain 5k, exp 9k 10 min after. Dep freq UNICOM.Squawk 3025
CAX777: clrd to KJFK via DITCH, dir CYN, JIMEE, FALON, CAMRN.Maint 5k, exp 9k in 10, dep UNICOM, sqwk 3025, CAX777
PHL_TOWER: CAX777, RB correct, push and start at own discretion, advise when ready for taxi.Alpha is current.
CAX777: Alpha is current, will advise for taxi CAX777

I checked KPHL atis by typing .atis kphl_atis. it gave me altimeter info and departure Rwy 27L
I started engines and performed push back.

CAX777: Ready to taxi to 27L with Alpha, CAX777
PHL_TOWER: CAX777, taxi to 27L via left J, N, S1
CAX777: taxing to 27L via left J, N, S1, CAX777
PHL_TOWER: CAX777: fly heading 255, winds 240@3, 27L, cleared for take off.
CAX777: cfto Rwy 27L, hd 255, we are rolling , CAX777

I took off, flew heading 255 as requested and announced my climbing.

CAX777: thru 1000 to 5000, CAX777
PHL_TOWER: CAX777, Frequency change to advisory 122.800 approved. have a safe trip.
CAX777: Over to UNICOM, thanks, good day, CAX777

I switched to UNICOM frequency 122.800
I announced my heading on UNICOM

CAX777: dir DITCH, all the way to 9,000, CAX777

When I was approaching KARRS I contacted NY-CAM-APP ( switched to it's frequency)

CAX777 : Good evening Sir, with you, CAX777
NY-CAM-APP: CAX777, squawk 1566 ( no good evening .... we are all different ... *smile)

I switched squawk code to 1566.

CAX777 : sqwk 1566, CAX777
NY-CAM-AP: CAX777, radar contact, cross at/maintain CAMRN at 9,000, expect ILS Rwy 22L approach, Kennedy altimeter 2995
CAX777 :cross at/maintain CAMRN at 9,000, expect ILS Rwy 22L appr, Kennedy altim 2995, CAX777

Few minutes later ....

NY-CAM-AP: CAX777, depart CAMRN heading 040
CAX777 : dep CAMRN hd 040, CAX777
NY-CAM-AP: CAX777, d/m 7000
CAX777: d/m 7000, CAX777
NY-CAM-AP: CAX777, d/m 5000
CAX777: d/m 5000, CAX777
NY-CAM-AP: CAX777, turn left 310, d/m 4,000
CAX777: tl 310, d/m 4,000, CAX777
NY-CAM-AP: CAX777, turn left 250, join 22L localizer
CAX777: tl 250, join 22L loc
NY-CAM-AP: CAX777, 6 miles from ZALPO, cross ZALPO at or above 1,900, clrd ILS Runway 22L approach
CAX777: clrd ILS Rwy 22L appr, CAX777
NY-CAM-AP: CAX777, contact tower 119.1
CAX777: over to tower, good day, CAX777

Switched to Tower frequency

CAX777: good evening Sir, ILS 22L
JFK-TOWER: CAX777, wind 260 @ 08 runway 22L cleared to land
CAX777: ctl 22L, CAX777

I landed and ...

JFK-TOWER: CAX777, Welcome to New York, exit right taxi to the ramp this freq.
CAX777: cleared active, taxing to park.

Well, I got few more directions to taxi and that was it.... another fun and successful KPHL-KJFK flight.