ARB X-Plane VATSIM Center ...... what is it all about?

It is an attempt to help all X-Plane virtual pilots who would like to join flying on VATSIM
, international on-line flying with real people as Air Traffic Controllers and real weather, just as close as flying and ATC simulation can get to reality.
Pages section of this project will provide you will all necessary information to successfully join presumably the largest on-line flying community.
Learning material is divided into Pages that you should follow in order they are created to make learning process easy, fast and enjoyable.
We have spent many hours reading official documents referring to the subject and combined it into nutshell of minimum information necessary to start flying on VATSIM.
We are not taking any responsibility for your actions on VATSIM.
You need to adhere to the official Rules of Conduct and Policies but at the same time we strongly believe that ARB X-Plane VATSIM Center will give you unique opportunity to fulfill your dreams of becoming VATSIM virtual pilot in the easiest way possible.

Good luck and we will see you in the air soon.

Look at the  continuation of ARB X-Plane VATSIM Tutorials Part 1 called ARB X-Plane VATSIM Tutorials Part 2.

A lot of training material. Take a look.     ARB VATSIM Center Tutorials Part 2