Andrzej Borysewicz Flight Log

It is still hard to believe that I am doing it.....

I was fascinated by the airplanes since I was a kid.
I remember through the fog when I was about  6-7 years old.
The city I lived in had a small sport airport couple miles away from the place I lived with my Mom and Dad.

On the summer weekends, my Mom would make some sandwiches and tea in the thermos and we would drive to the airport I have mentioned.
It was called Lublinek airport.
It had only 2 hangars and several planes that time,  Zlin aerobat, Bies and couple Antonows.

We would hand out all day long there watching either gliders or occasionally some training planes and parachutists.
Weather was so nice, around 70s, nice little breeze, no humidity and a beautiful blue sky with puffy white clouds.
I would lie on my back starring at the clouds moving .... it had some magic in it and I think this was the time when I fell in love with airplanes....

Time went by... my Dan is gone for few years now, my Mom is an old lady and I am in US for the first time trying to pursue my dream of flying.

Because of my hearing impairment, I gave up the idea of flying a long time ago, when I was still in Poland... now at the age of 54, I am doing it  and as the beginning of that chapter says, it is still hard to believe...*smile.

It brings back the phrase from one of my favorite movies, Forest Gump :" Life is like a bocx of chocolates.. you never know what you gonna get ..."

The purpose it this log is to write down how the lessons went so I can see what mistakes I made and what to pay attention to next time I go up but if you find it interesting, have fun. :-)