Arbab Naseebullah Kasi

Brief Personal Profile:
Geographically, Arbab Naseebullah belong to Province Balochistan.  Currently, he is working as a Lecturer / Program Coordinator at DMS-FMS, BUITEMS and Professional Member of Human Resource Development Network (HRDN) includes having been consulted by a number of local and multinational corporations, NGOs and educational resource centers across Pakistan.  He has 11 Years of professional experience while working with various UN organizations, USAID, INGOs, and RSPs.  His areas of focus are human resource management, personal social development, consultancy, institutional development, teaching, research & development, organizational development, career counselling & career planning, human resource development and visionary leadership.   To him, facts, no matter how brutal, turn on the infinite potential present in all of us. Like a wise wizard, he uses an assortment of tools, substance and temperature in his cauldron.

Arbab Naseeb holds an MBA (2004-2007), from the Balochistan University of Information Technology Engineering and Management Sciences (BUITEMS) where he majored in Human Resource Management.   He also successfully completed his one year professional study programme from Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) in Social Enterprise Management Programme (SEMP) 2007 - 2008.  He has further completed one year diploma programme from IBA-Karachi in Professional Skills Development Programme (PSDP) 2002 - 2003.   

Arbab Naseeb’s success in facilitating competency-building programs lies in his strength of adapting to a wide range of people.  Being exposed to diverse cultures through extensive traveling and varied experiences, Arbab Naseeb believes in the value of diversity and the existence of immense potential in each and every individual.

He is about revising the basics. To him good answers come from a good question. He loves religion, business, management and finance - knowledge. It is a spell-bounding journey how he integrates all of them to lead a group to pragmatic action plans. His teaching and facilitating route is in the face, direct and heart hitting. His leadership style is walk-the-talk, and he takes his audience along, like his team mates.

He stimulates and enhances the latent talents of people in his environment.   His aim is to develop inner discipline, greater resolve, empathy in people, and develop professional in management areas.  His core areas of teaching & Consultancy are ‘Organizational Development’, ‘Personnel Finance’, ‘Personnel Policies’, ‘Training & Development’, ‘Entrepreneurship', Psychology and ‘Management’.  He is currently doing his research in Islamic Management Model.  Further, he has been supervising various research in Balochistan University of Information Technology Engineering & Management Sciences, and Iqra University. 

CPEC Project Presentations are also in reference materials 
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