Arati Khedekar (Khairnar)

Address:  Max Planck Institute for Mathematics, Vivatsgasse, 7; D-53111, Bonn, Germany.
Office Location: 406
Office Phone: +49(0)228 402 348
Fax: +49(0)228 402 277
Email: arati[AT]

My Ph. D. thesis was written under the supervision of Prof. C. S. Rajan.
Here are files of my short and a detailed curriculum vitae. This is my

My Research interest lies in Number Theory, Arithmetic Groups, Group Cohomology, 
Lie groups, Topological groups. Currently, I am learning Cohomology of Arithmetic
groups from the lectures, advice and homepage of Professor G. Harder.
Lessons in Number theory
Milne, Kedlaya

Conferences in Number Theory

Research in Mathematics
Mathscinet, Jstor,
Ask a question on Mathoverflow.

I am also looking for a new postdoctoral job.

My hobbies include:
Cooking Marathi style, Vegetarian
Dancing (without rules and regulations).
Mathematical puzzles (am too lazy to look at them.)
Watching Photography by my beloved.
Reading blogs in Mathematics  n-category, Terrence Tao
Running (or work out at Gym. I love to spend some time alone)
Talking (after a lonely meditation)
Traveling (Opportunity to meet new people, visit new places)
Trekking (in Sahyadri  and Himalaya)