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 Hello world!

This is great use of javascript and AJAX that google has done to build googlepages. The editor feels natural and well conceptualized. Looking forward to further improvements to the tool including possiblity of dynamic connection between our pages and google base as well as plugins for google map etc. Great job Google :-)

Couple of issues I've been noticing while using this editor:

  • Embedding Multimedia : I tried embedding youtube video as well as embedding a wmv player but published code ignores these inserted cores in the HTML editor mode.
  • Music and movies can be uploaded but there are restrictions on how they could be interacted with.

Something else ineresting to note:

  • The editor when in HTML mode has no problem with Google Analytics code for keeping track of visitors which means it might have been thought out on how users will be using it.

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P.S. Friends were asking me where I got the adorable hampster photo. I found the photo of the little fellow at http://www.cuteoverload.com more specifically on this page you can find more photos like the one above : CLICK HERE >> 


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