Arash Aloosh is an Associate Professor of Finance at Léonard de Vinci Business School. He completed his PhD in Finance in 2016 at BI Norwegian Business School and was a visiting scholar for two years at Columbia Business School in New York

His research contributions have been featured in prestigious publications including the Journal of Finance, Management Science, Nature, and Lancet. Arash teaches courses on Disruptive Finance and Financial Technologies. In 2019, he received the Teaching Excellence Award in acknowledgment of his dedication to students. His academic services were lauded with the Best Public Dissemination Award in 2022.

Arash currently serves as a Steering Committee member at the National Centre of Excellence in Research in Financial Technologies (NCER-FT) under the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR). Additionally, he is a research associate at the Cartes Bancaires-La Banque Postale Chair in Digital Finance at Université Paris II and Telecom Paris, and is also a research affiliate at the Cardiff Fintech Research Group at Cardiff University. Furthermore, Arash serves as the the Editor of the "Social Media and Finance" area within Elsevier's Research in International Business and Finance.

He is actively engaged in various conferences and academic initiatives, including his role as a Program Committee member at the CBER Conference (with a Dual Submission option to Management Science) and the Tokenomics conference. Arash has also co-founded and chaired the Paris Financial Technology and Crypto Conference. 

In a collaboration with Professor Julien Prat, he had the privilege of hosting the CBER Symposium on DeFi: Front-running, Incentives, and Cyclical arbitrage on September 16th, 2021. Here is the video recording of the event.

Arash's expertise extends beyond the academic realm, as he has served as an academic advisor to the PSL Valorisation-Curie Research Center and a cryptocurrency advisor to Zamin and Consilience Ventures. His multifaceted involvement in research and advisory roles underscores his dedication to advancing the fields of financial technology (FinTech).

Communications and Media

His views on "The future of banking" at the NetEvents panel in Barcelona was covered by Hong Kong Business.

The interveiw with Maddyness about  Social media, FinTech, and financial literacy. (In French)

The interveiw with L`ADN about FinTech and generation Z. (In French)

His article (joint with Nathalie Janson) on "FinTech and blockchain" for the Monde des grandes écoles. (In French)

His article (joint with Gabriel A. Giménez Roche) on "What impact does Brexit have on the pound?" for the International Finance

Contact Information

Department of Finance, Data, and Performance at EMLV  - E166

12 avenue Léonard de Vinci, 92400 La Défence - Paris, France

Emails: arashaloosh at gmail dot com & arash dot aloosh at devinci dot fr